Patchmist 1/4

Apr 24, 2018

    1. I'm totally in love in my new head - Mirror by Patchmist

      I'm curious if someone have him (or other dolls by Patchmist) too?

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    2. What a cute head! It is apparently sold through the taobao agent Crystal Yi and they wrote that it's only available on Halloween each year.
      Is the one in the picture yours? Was it easy to order it?
    3. Yes, It was Halloween limited head :) It is sold out now. I didn't have any problems with my purchase and got a lot of nice extras with him.
    4. Thanks for the info! I'm going to follow the fb page and am crossing the fingers for a re-release :)
      Also, would love to see what you do with him (and other owners, if there are any on this forum!)
    5. I ordered a pink patchmist three eyes alien bunny doll second hand but brand new!
      I am so excited to see it...
    6. That's so cool! Show him when he arrives
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    7. definitely !
    8. Ahhh you got one! Congratulations! I've been hoping to see owner pictures! How are you planning to customize him?
      The sourcing agent says there will be another order this October as well! :dance
      I'm planning to get one then. I was in love with the head but had no plan for it until I switched up one of my character ideas and wound up kicking myself for missing out :doh
      I have a body and eyes and everything I'm getting ready for her, I'm planning to dye mine.
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    9. @SugarFirefly sorry to double post but I was curious to know how wigs fit with the elf ears? A lot of my dolls with them make their wigs fit strangely so I was wondering if Mirror is similar.
    10. :) My Mirror is a boy. His name is Varja, and he is a familiar spirit belongs to Bat Prince (and son of the Death) from novel "The Magicians" written by my friends.

      Ears aren't a problem, but his huge as for MSD head XD My smaller 8-9" wigs fits him well, or MSD wigs with elastic cap :)

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    11. Ahhh cute! That sounds really cool!
      Mine is going to be a girl and I am planning to dye her.
      Yeah it does seem like a very big head but that is okay with me! I have a wig cap I bought from dollmore and am hoping to start the wig soon!
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    12. The orders are open on taobao again and I ordered my head through a Chinese friend, I'm so excited!
      I'm still doing the mods on her body, but I have eyes, hair materials, and part of an outfit for her already!!!!
      I might take a look at her headcap/head and try to mod the forehead a bit less tall once I have her.