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Pathos Tale mini dolls discussion thread

Nov 17, 2016

    1. Hello fellow collectors!

      There's a thread for Pathos Tales's big Faun, and I'm opening a thread for their mini-sized dolls, the two first being Luo Sheng and Luo Na.

      Has anyone ordered one of them?
      I caved in and ordered Luo Sheng. I can't wait to have her! ^_^

      Pathos Tale
    2. WoW...you must have got one of the last ones, they are showing as Sold Out now, I can't wait to see yours, they are truly beautiful. I kinda wish I had gone for it too...
    3. I ordered her the 31st October, really at the last minute. ^_^

      And yes, I'll show her here. There is an Instagram and Flickr user (Looloo) that has a Luo Na, and she gave her a beautiful faceup and takes beautiful pictures that really brings out the beauty and creepiness of the doll. This is really what fascinates me with those two dolls, that they combine those two extremes. I really hope I will be able to customise mine in that way. ^_^
    4. I ordered Luo Sheng too! Got her on layaway; looks like it will be a long wait for my first doll! I wanted both but the funds did not allow lol
    5. yay! If I had had the funds, I would have bought both, too, but I'm putting money aside for another preorder, so I didn't get both.
      I'm glad I got one at least, I would have regretted not getting her.
    6. Yay I got my tracking numberrrrrr! *happy dance*

      Edit: looks who's here :

      [​IMG]Luo Sheng by blablette1, sur Flickr
      #6 Blablette, Jan 9, 2017
      Last edited: Jan 13, 2017
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    7. Don't suppose you could post a couple of full body shots? I've been really interested in seeing the actual body sculpting and detail..
    8. @Blablette Your new girl is wonderful, loving those little teeth!! I wonder if they'll ever do a normal head of the same sculpt?
    9. @Gathephaar Yes, I will do that! ^_^
      @ToRmEnT Ahhh, yes, her little teeth are to die for!
      I don't know about their future plans with that size of dolls, but I liked their FB page to be informed about their new releases. They work on a tall one now, so maybe after her, they will release another mini?

      Edit: here is a picture of my Luo Sheng next to my Seedolls Peabody who is on a Bluefairy body (+DF hands), so they have nearly the same size, Luo Sheng is maybe a tad smaller, but not much.

      [​IMG]Luo Sheng by blablette1, sur Flickr
      #9 Blablette, Jan 19, 2017
      Last edited: Jan 19, 2017
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    10. Sooooo; I've done my darling's faceup and blushing! I had those Christmas cards with glitter on them in mind while painting her, something very old english rose, well I don't know if that all makes sense... I can't get over the fact at how cute that sculpt is, creepy and so cute! <3
      For her clothes I want to sew her something inspired by british and asian fashion.

      [​IMG]Luo Sheng by blablette1, sur Flickr
    11. She's gorgeous! I remember reading the the protruding "branches" on her shoulder can be removed, is this true? Also, do you have any plans for working with/around her shoulder sculpting? I was planning on just knitting mine a bunch of off the shoulder sweaters, since I'm shelling a modern day character :chibi
    12. Thank you @Sandia ! ^_^
      No, the branches are made of resin and are casted with the shoulders. She came wrapped up so carefully so that nothing could breake. I really am happy at how the company took care with packaging and everything.
      For her clothes I'll tailor her things aroung the shoulders, probably making bustier-type tops and separate sleeves, I'll see.
      I really like your idea of making yours a modern day character! :D
    13. I hope it's not double posting if there is a week in between posts... ^_^

      So here is my Luo Sheng (who probably will end up with that name, I really like it) with some clothes. they are not finished, I think of adding layers to the dress, maybe adding an over-skirt, and I want to add some flowers, too.

      I'm hesitating for the wig, I might get her a wig with a victorian touch, but she looks so adorable bald, so I might leave her head like that. XD

      [​IMG]Luo Sheng by blablette1, sur Flickr
    14. I have to agree that an overskirt would look good. Maybe the same fabric as the corset? Or the same pink colour, but in satin..
    15. That brocade fabric matches nicely with her faceup! Maybe you can make one of those multi layered dresses with flowers inside in the folds! The white fabric looks like it drapes very nicely :D
    16. Thank you for your feedback, @Gathephaar and @Sandia ! I will definitely add something and your ideas help me! ^_^
    17. I just saw this, and funny enough when the event was open I ordered both, one for myself, one for a friend as payment for some work she's doing on another of my dolls.
      I got the LuoNa in white, and I did all the work on her myself~! I absolutely love her, though I'm not done with her yet. Still have to do some dying of her hands and feet, but little Maylis is the best! I love these two!! <3 These sculpts are great.
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    18. Wow, @AlbeltheWicked24 She is terrific!
      I'm looking forward to seeing what you do whith her hands and feet!
    19. <3 thank you! I am going up to my friend's next week so soon It will be done! I'm dying her hands and feet/arms and leg ombre style in red. It's gunna be great! ;) I'll share pictures once she's all done ^^
    20. [​IMG]
      I just got back from a friend's, and while I was there she taught me how to Ombre dye, so Maylis is finished~! <3
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