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Pathos Tale

Jun 8, 2016

    1. I didn't see a thread for this new company (if there is another one please feel free to delete or move...)

      I'm curious to see if anyone here purchased their new doll Pan (Faun) and of which color?

      Being so new to the hobby I've been following along on their webpage and social media and I am in love with their sculpts and am excited to see how the first one comes out :) Here's a link off to their FB page with a sample of Pan in tan color.
    2. I REALLY want to, but she doesn't stand on her own. That is the only reason i am hesitant because I don't have any stands lol!
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    3. Yeah... that's a little sad :( I'm still new to the hobby so I'm haven't had the exposure to dolls who are difficult to pose/stand but at least you know in advance that she will be needing the support.
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    4. Very true!! I do love her feet though. She is very dainty!
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    5. I love her face, but I have enough difficulty posing my hooved Soom dolls who ARE engineered to stand on their own. Handling a doll that size who can't support herself sounds like way more than I could deal with. :lol:

      I hope they come out with some human dolls eventually though! Pan is really lovely.
    6. I think I am going to order her....I am a Helenic Polythesist and Pan has a dear place in my heart....I melted when I saw her but I didn't think I could find clothing/hair/face up that is worthy of her...but I think..I am..going..to..do..it...
    7. Ah! Did you end up doing it?? She's so pretty and I adore all her features...!
    8. Waiting on them to reply T.T
    9. @strawberrie_strudel As you already know, I'm waiting for a tan Pan. Still two payments to make!
      She looks really lovely.
      @rain2sunshine I too am not very happy that she can't stand on her own. But as I'm already using doll stand for some of my BJDs I took her nonetheless!
      I will need a 70cm doll stand now. Maybe an invisible stand, like those you can find on alicecollection?

      I've already bought some clothes for her. Hope it will fit her!
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    10. What did you buy for clothes :D I just got the response from Pathos and I think I have an outfit in mind!!!
    11. @rain2sunshine I took an Iplehouse EID woman outfit. This one. :kitty2
      It may be too wide at the soulders and a little short on her legs, but I think it can be nice nonetheless!

      And you? What outfit have you in mind?
    12. Goregous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tied...I have a character that I used to play all the time and would love to bring her back into play. She has lanterns hanging from her horns, butterflies follow her, and she is a like a light warrior. She is very humble and loving but a fighter when need be. She sees the best in all <3 I am still really searching, but right now, I really like the:
      Legend doll outfit option 1 :Bjd Clothes 70+ European outfit/Ning CL150818 for 70+ Ball-jointed Doll_70cm DOLL_70cm DOLL_CLOTHING_Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll
      Legend doll outfit option 2: http://legenddoll.net/goods-3059.html
      Legend doll outfit option 3: http://legenddoll.net/goods-6373.html
      Iplehouse option 1 (my character usually wore silks to feel free) : ITEM VIEW : EID - Woman - EID_W Arabian Princess set
      and Iplehouse option 2: ITEM VIEW : SID - Woman - SID_W Wild Flower Set
    13. @rain2sunshine I'm not sure of how the boys outfits may fit the Pan. The Spiritdoll Proud boy outfit may be wide enough on the breast (and even far too wide at the soulders). But the two others? I don't know.
      I do have the SID Wild Flower set, I was thinking of trying it on the Pan. But I fear it will be far to short and maybe not enough wide for the waist and bust. I bought it for a Soom Supergem :XD:
      Anyway they are all very nice outfits!
    14. Yeah it will be much easier to tell when she is here xD
    15. I ordered Pan as well. I got her in WS. I'm so excited!
      I really don't care that she can't stand on her own, she can just recline like the queen that she is. ;)
    16. Did someone get its Pan here? Or ordered one of the new dolls, their MSD?
      The first "french" Pan arrived in France yesterday and I'll get mine tomorrow :dance
    17. I got mine today!
      Hnnnnng...she is...perfection. She just blew every other doll I've ever handled out of the water. :aeyepop:
      While I was waiting for her I could only think of painting her, but now that I've seen her, I think I need some time with her blank. Just to drink her in!
    18. @Lady Ravenswood I agree that her features are perfection! Do you have a picture of your girl, please? I'm curious to see a white skin Pan :)

      Mine has some outfits but still no wig, eyes or face-up :
      I'm wondering in wich colors I'm going to make her wig... black? brown? Shade of brown and green like a dead leaf?
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    19. Ooooh, you got her in tan! Fabulous! I almost did too...but then I just love white skin dolls. ^_~
      I don't have a photo yet. But I'll be sure to take one soon. Everything's a bit hectic at the moment. :: melts into puddle ::
    20. Haha, so I don't know if this still counts as "soon"...but here is a photo of my WS pan. I've named her Balqis.


      Basically, she is the color of paper or of porcelain. A beautiful, stark white. Actually, when I unpacked her for the first time I had the strangest sensation that she was porcelain.
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