New Company Pathos Tale's first limited doll Pan(Faun) in 77CM!

May 5, 2016

    1. Dearest DOA,
      It’s the first art doll of our brand Pathos Tale.Her name is Pan(Faun)
      At first we’d like to introduce the new bjd brand to you.^_^
      Pathos Tale was founded in the end of year 2015. We create and produce unique art doll bjds for all the bjd lovers^_^
      Here’s the website of us:
      And please visit to veiw “about us”.
      Now about the new doll Pan(Faun).
      Pan is the first art doll of Pathos Tale.
      She’s also a limited edition.
      Only 30 sets limited for global sale and she will be discontinued after the 30.
      Here’s the details of Pan:
      Hope you would like the first art work we have created^_^
      Pan is 77 cm, here's the info of her size:
      >Click to view<
      You can only choose the nude doll without make-up.
      The skin color you can choose: pure white, normal, tan
      (Color detail:>click to view<)
      The production period is 7-10 weeks.
      About the nude body:
      If you have any interests please contact the email “[email protected]” for more.
      And of course you can find us from the following social media!
      Facebook: Pathos Tale
      Twitter: PathosTale (@PathosTale) | Twitter
      Flickr: tale pathos | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
      Tumblr: Pathos Tale
      Deviantart: PathosTale on DeviantArt
      Have a nice day and so so so so glad to meet you guys!
      Please keep an eye on us in future!
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    2. She is one of the most beautiful dolls that I have ever seen but one thing holding me back is that she can not stand on her own. Is there anyway you could offer optional human legs or thicker hooves for her? If not, I understand but please if you could consider those option for future releases?
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    3. She comes with legs of lamb and four joints for each leg.The thigh is thick while the calf is thin.In addition,her hoofs of lamb are small and delicate.Second thoghts was once given to such design because it may result in poor standing for her.Finally We determined to keep it for the sake of more lamb-looking in vision,but made the calf longer.Yes,she needs a doll stand for standing.
      This time we will not supply the human legs for her, and she will be discontinued after 30 sets are sold out.
      The next time will will try to consider about that.
      Thank you for your comment.
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    4. Could you please post photos of how her horns attach to her head? Thanks so much. I agree with Dreadfulme that she is one of the prettiest dolls I've seen.
    5. I second the picture of how the horns attach. I adore her so much and am curious about your layaway options?
    6. Please check these pictures:
      More questions please contact [email protected]
      Thank you for your comment!

      About how to do layaway :
      How to order?
      Layaway is available if you need.
      1.Email to [email protected] for telling the items you order and your shipping information(consignee,address and phone number),and you will get reply about the total amount(shipping included).
      2.Make the first payment via Paypal or bank transfer.It has to be 30% of the total amount .
      3.The rest of payment need to be made in the following 2-4 months.
      4.Order production begins when full payment finished and it takes 6-8 weeks.The order is not allowed to be canceled when its production begins.
      1.Order will be shipped when it’s completed.Its shipping tracking info.will be sent to you from [email protected]

      Any questions plz contact [email protected]

      Thank you for your supporting :)

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    7. What skin color is shown in the photos?
    8. Hello,dear.She is in normal skin in official photos.For more,pls email to [email protected].
    9. Does your resin include UV protection?
      Thank you so much. :chocoheart
    10. Hello.The resin we use includes UV protection.But the resin color changes a little bit due to contact with air or sunlight as time passed,for example,white skin turns yellow or normal skin becomes dark.It is unavoidable normal chemical reaction.If any other questions,please email to [email protected] for more.Thank you for your interest in Pathos Tale.
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    11. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that several times I've viewed your website and have gotten trojan viruses. My antivirus has blocked all the threats but I wanted to alert you on this matter. Hopefully this can be resolved!
    12. Now the web isn't even on, maybe they are solving it?
    13. Hey you guys! I haven't had a single problem virus and the web is up and running. I would check your internet settings, your browser, and your connection. If you are using IE, convert to Chrome.
    14. The site has been up and down nonstop for days now... I've been visiting it frequently since I want the doll haha. I just went back to the website to check and got the same virus. Can confirm with a screencap. Happens on whatever page I visit on the site. I don't mean to cause any trouble for Pathos Tale, I am just worried about using their website and thought I'd give a heads up so it can be fixed.
    15. Yes, I got the same thing Choppi. I'm also running Avast. This morning is the first time I've gotten it though. (Also been visiting the site frequently. :sweat)
    16. The website won't work for me either (I'm using Chrome). I keep getting virus warnings. Does anyone know the price of this doll?
    17. I believe it is $695.
    18. We haven't had the same problem ourselves. And we asked the site producer to check it. Now we are waiting for the answer.

      We haven't had the same problem here. The website is fine.We have asked the site producer to check it , hope they would give us an answer ASAP.
      And price of the doll is 680 usd for white or normal skin. 715 for tan skin.
      If you still can not visit our website recently, please contact with [email protected] for further questions.
      Sorry for such a kind of trouble.
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    19. Dear all,

      We have the web designer checked the website itself and also run Avast you mentioned for virus checking.Finally

      The conclusion we got is that it was safe.


      We have tested it over and over again,with different computers and mobilephones.It all showed that the website can be visited without any problem.

      The IT man said that it might be caused by the following reasons:
      1.Wrong report by Avast;
      2.Abnormal or virus-carried browser,connection or computer you use;

      He suggested you to do overall virus-checking with your computer first and then try to visit the website.If still get virus alert,you can try to appeal to Avast.You can also try to visit the website with different computer,browser or antivirus.If nothing wrong,the problem you encountered earlier was caused by what listed above.

      Thank you for letting us know it.If there is any other questions,please email to [email protected] for further.
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    20. Only 10 sets of Pan limited left and available.Please don't miss her if you want to order.
      Pls contact:[email protected]