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New Doll [PathosTale]Limited twins LuoNa and LuoSheng in 1/4 size

Jul 13, 2016

    1. Dear DOA
      Long time no see, today we released our new TWINS
      LuoNa and LuoSheng.



      And basic bodies of them:

      Here's the details of them :)

      Pathos Tale art doll---LuoSheng and LuoNa.
      Both of them are limted editions which will be discontinued on September 30th,2016.
      Optional skin: white skin/normal skin/tan skin

      Only nude doll(body+head)is available.
      The accessories and face-up in official pictures are not available,only for display.

      Full payment in advance is required.
      It takes 7-10 weeks for production and will be shipped when it’s completed.

      Layaway is available. Please contact: [email protected] for more details.


      The link of LuoNa:http://www.pathostale.com/page127?product_id=42
      The link of LuoSheng:http://www.pathostale.com/page127?product_id=43

      How to order from PathosTale(including layaway):

      Contact: [email protected]
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    2. Hi~ such beautiful work! In the blank pictures of LuoSheng, the coral-like spikes from her neck appear a different color. Are they made from a different material or detachable?
    3. Are you affiliated with Ringdoll? The bodies look the same.
    4. Breathtaking...What colour resin is available?
    5. PathosTale and Ringdoll are both under the same parent company, so they are sister companies, and they have an agreement allowing them to use the Ringdoll body.
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    6. Dear friend,the pictures of blank dolls were taken earlier when we got the sample,the material of the coral-like spikes on the neck was softer but its color was a bit different.Therefore we used acrylic paint (AMIYA) to make it the same color for photos.The spike-shaped part of the final edition is detachable and its material is a bit softer(to avoid brittle rupture and break),and its color is the same as that of the body.Thank you for your careful observation and asking.

      Pathos Tale and Ringdoll are two different brands which belonged to the same parent company. Both of us have our own design team and design theme.But we use the basic part of 1/4 size body and that of Ringdoll is the basic body.

      There are three optional skin color :normal skin,white skin and tan skin.
      #6 PathosTale, Jul 14, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 15, 2016
    7. Dear friends,

      Due to the request from many LuoNa& LuoSheng lovers,we have decided to extend the order period for another month.So our LuoNa&LuoSheng will still be available this October and will be discontinued on Oct.31st.Please don't miss them if you want to order.

      pls contact:[email protected]
    8. They are beautiful. Great details! But won't the "coral parts" on LouShengs shoulder break easily? They look like they could easily break ;_;
    9. This question was already addressed further up in the thread...
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    10. whoaokay the the fangy babies with flower eyesplosions might warrant a bit of a warning, please. Did NOT expect that when I clicked.
    11. Lol, they're one of the rotating banners at the top of DoA.
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