Preorder Pausing- Sio2 Doll - Taolu SP & Goddess Bust Piece

Oct 12, 2017

    1. Taolu SP's pre-order is pausing, we will release Taolu SP later. Sorry about the inconvenience.

      To place an order, click here: 子迁他家 SIO2 DOLL | 本月限定/Doll in Month

      (Information of Taolu SP’spictures: Volks SD16 Body,Volks Red Moon outfit, 16mm eyes.)

      Head Circumference:24cm
      Neck Circumference: 10cm

      Female body suggestion: Spiritdoll elegance female body, Longsoul elegance female body, Volks SD16 body, and other BJD female body which has closer body data.
      Male body suggestion: Luts SDF65 body, Popo Doll 68 body, and other BJD male body which has closer body data.

      Goddess Bust Piece is available at the same time.
      To place an order, click here: 子迁他家 SIO2 DOLL | 本月限定/Doll in Month
      Sio2 Doll Order Quick Guidance

      Thank you for supporting Sio2 Doll! :)
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    2. I notice at the bottom of your order page, you say dolls take 6 months. Does this apply to blank heads as well or will the wait time be shorter?

      Thank you! I am excited to see this release. :D
    3. Hi, 6 months is an estimate time, it's an guaranteed time that we will ship dolls before 6 months :)
    4. Would you be able to supply more pictures of the head (blank and/or with face-up)? Thanks!
    5. We have more pictures on our website :)
    6. So this doll is not on sale yet? I can't find any price.
    7. So she's going to be for sale at a later date? I'll hope for a December preorder!
    8. We are pausing the pre-order. She will release in the future. Thank you for supporting us.