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Paying more for your Doll's clothing than your own....

Mar 31, 2007

    1. Ive been shopping the markets lately, and i've found that most doll clothing is more than my own clothing - it seems that half the fabric costs more!!

      i was wondering if anyone else found that strange! I love to cloth my doll, and am a shop-a-holic for her, but it still shocks me that i pay so much!:doh
    2. In total, I spend more money on doll clothes than for myself. But I have several dolls, and only one of me to clothe, so I do spend more on them. But I think that the clothing I buy cost just as much and sometimes maybe even more than their doll clothing counterparts. I try not to buy too many things for myself, since I used to buy clothes that I would eventually never wear and my closet is now too full. Im trimming down my wardrobe and focusing on just a few outfits I will repeatedly wear. I realize I should just spend the necessary money on one or two items that are both high in quality and fashion...like a pair of D&G sunglasses that Ive had my eye on. Living in Southern California, Ive recently realized that I need to own a good pair of sunglasses, and its ridiculous that I dont even have one.

      I think Ive spent a lot of money on doll clothes recently since I am a newer member, and Volks has suddenly started releasing so many gorgeous wallet-breaking apparel.
    3. I think it may have something to do with the fact that they are so tiny....I guess it would take a fair amount of skill to make a quality item that small. Also, they are somewhat small runs, like specialty clothes.
    4. I generally spend more on doll clothing than clothes for myself. It's worth the investment to me. Dolls don't gain weight or grow like myself or my kids. They also don't get as dirty as my real life kids so the clothing lasts longer. They cost more because they are tiny. All the findings on good clothes should be to scale, if not you may be overpaying. Also the outfits I get are more elaborate than anything I'd wear so it may not really be that expensive when put in that light.

      Price comparison to human clothing:

      A smocked dress for a little girl

      Same style for a doll

      A kimono for an adult

      A kimono for a doll

      A whole outfit for an adult:undiesm dress, hat, bag, boots,
      A few hundred dollars

      A volks whole outfit: mitten, hat, dress, boots, panties, and bag
    5. I've noticed that too(which is why my dolls are going to be wearing toga's for a while) It's hard for me to justify spending more on their clothes than mine, and right now all my money is getting swallowed up on art supplies for school(spent 85$ just today and still need some other supplies) Although I can understand the reason for it. The manufactuers are designing their own and creating their own patterns, plus the added difficulty in making such small clothes, and I would hope that they're not being made in some sweatshop like many full human sized clothing is, the cost just adds up.
    6. I spend more on myself than my dolls. Yes I have spent $300 on a doll outfit and $60 for a pair of doll pants, and 60 for a pair of doll shoes but my clothes cost more. Thats the problem with Gothic Lolita clothing. To buy something nice it costs a ton. Maybe thats why myself and my dolls have so few articals of clothing.
    7. I easily spend more on my dolls than on myself. That's because they wear things like CheeryDoll outfits, and I wear Kmart jeans, t-shirts and cheap sneakers from Payless. It doesn't bug me, though. I know that if I wanted to wear nicer stuff myself and spend less on them or make clothes for them myself, I could. It's a personal choice for me, so I'm okay with it. =D
    8. well, i mostly wear cheap 15 dollar jeans from Ross, and those weird guy t-shirts at walmart, ya know, the ones with funny little sayings on them, and they only cost like 9 to 10 dollars. I spend more on my dolls than myself because i don't really care about clothes really, lol.
    9. I make alot of my own clothes and clothes for my dolls, but I do spend more money on shoes for them than I do on myself -.-

      I find that it can take just as long sometimes to make clothes for dolls as it does for humans.
    10. i spend more on my boys clothing than my own ^^; i find most of my clothes at thrift stores or on clearance or for really good price ^^; but when it comes to them i go all crazy and spend lots on them XDDDD
    11. My doll's clothes not only cost much more than mine but they also have a much larger wardrobe. I'm basically a jeans/sweats/denim shirts/tees kind of person & mostly shop clearance sales. (Got a $48 shirt for $5) Unfortunately, other than a few bargains on the boards, doll clothes don't go on sale.

      While I can sew, even the fabrics I use are expensive, pure silks, wools, linens, imported cottons. If I'm going to put the time into designing I want the best fabric for it so the end result is worthwhile. Thank goodnes that with careful shopping, I've been able to get some great buys on fabric. I don't sew for humans since they aren't available for 2am fittings & scream if you prick them with a pin.

      I justify the expense of doll clothing by realising that the dolls won't grow out of it, get it stained or dirty & look much better in clothes than I do. For myself comfort matters, for the dolls it's all about style.
    12. Nah, my clothes are more expensive, whish I could buy a nice pair of skinny jeans for only 25$!
    13. My outfit is always jean, hoodie, t-shirt. So I just get new jeans and a hoodie every so often and t-shrits often come as presents or are happened upon and unresistable ( I totally needed that FFXII one @__@ ) and... while my boy's wardrobes are tiny they cost more. XDD
    14. My main hobby/lifestyle is still streetwear and shoes so my clothes are still a bit more pricy compared to my boys. I think they even out in the end.
    15. Although I can sometimes justify 50 dollar doll jeans...

      My parents can't XD and their feeding me, so I'm willing to make my own for now.
    16. Yeah... I think about 100% of BJD owners realize this.
    17. You mean they make clothes for humans?? XD

      Yeah, my dolls have a much better, more expensive wardrobe than I ever will. Several nice outfits for them equals about what I spend on myself almost per year :P I'm not much a of clothes horse . . . my boys on the other hand XD They own more shoes than me too LOL!
    18. Well, I shop at good will and thrift shops, so normaly I spend $7-$12 on a piece of my own clothing, but my price limit for doll clothes pieces/outfits is $40 (including shipping), because I could concievably pay that much for something in my size. As someone said, I used to buy clothes that I'd never wear, especially in houston, where it's too hot for jackets and pants ect. so it just seems to make more sense to buy it in their size! Also, I've recently gained wait and so now I'm trying to cover up, so my wardrobe was greatly narrowed again, it seems pointless to buy extra clothes for me.
    19. Human clothes are massed produced - when the show "How It's Made" was featuring a jeans manufacturing plant, they said that jeans take approximately 12 minutes from cutting out the pieces (many at one time) to finished product. I am certain that even if the doll jeans are not being made one at a time by hand they are not being made in the same scale with the same kind of machinery, and thus are not subject to the same economies of scale when it comes to cost and pricing.

      I sew for both humans and dolls. Sewing for humans may take more fabric, but it is a LOT easier because the pieces are so big and being off by just a little bit simply isn't noticeable. Fabric isn't the first order force in pricing clothing - labor is.

    20. Nah, it doesn't come as a shock--all the little details on the tiny clothes are going to push up the price. And there's plenty of human clothes that are that expensive, I just never buy expensive clothes for myself. I tend to shop at thrift stores so I can have more money to spend on dolls : D