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PayPal at Hypermanic is Up!

Aug 16, 2005

    1. Yay !
      for those of you like me who have been waiting for it , the PayPal button is now on the Hypermanic site

    2. oy! why would you tell me this!!! you just want to bankrupt me :cry:
    3. Hi Tinybear,

      Do you know what the shipping cost is for a so-som? I'm so tempted :-D

    4. The cost of the shipping is included in her price :D

    5. Yup
      as Milkeye said

      I ordered mine without make up ....and went shopping for more tiny wigs last night
      ..OUTFITS ...
      what to do

      Im so pleased , cant wait to get her in my hot grabby hands LOL
    6. Yay! I can hardly wait to see Goodie Wimpole :D
    7. how long did you have to wait Milkeye for your Soom
      Im starting to get twitchy
      its doing my head in
      :D :daisy
    8. milkeye & tinybear,

      Thanks for the info :-) Haven't made my purchasing decision yet because Customhouse came out with new limited Sariel, which I've been waiting and wanting.

      Tinybear, hope you get your so-soom soon :-)
    9. tinybear, she was with me inside of a week - how long have you been waiting on her? :?
    10. lots of pictures please :D

    11. Made my purchase decision and probably just in time, too. Decided to get limited Sariel in normal skin version :-) Right after I put the order through and went back to look at the pictures some more, the 'sold out' words appeared. My dolly funds have been depleted. I must now put so-soom on my wish list and get her at another time :daisy

      Will definitely post lots of pics of Sariel. You do the same with your so-soom :-D
    12. YAYAYAYAY I ordered my Gye-Do!!!!!

      Ack...waiting stinks! hehe :roar :crushed
    13. Is so-som limited?

      I don't see a limited next to her. But I see

      Quantity 200

    14. I know you were asking tinybear, but thought I would chime in. I ordered my So-Som and paid on Aug. 6th. I'm still waiting. I did receive an email last week telling me that she would be shipped by the end of this month and that they would send me the tracking information once she was sent.
    15. Oh-My-God

      Na Hu


      He is just awesome. I MUST Have one¡¡¡
    16. All the Hypermaniac dolls are limited; they only make so many dolls from each sculpt, period. And aren't they wonderful dolls? :love

      I don't need another doll, particularly not another large boy. I've only just started facing-up my Hound. Much work to do. No time for another boy. not even hiiiim.

      Ann in CT

    17. thanks Sweetie ,sorry I didnt get back sooner,
      mhh I paid for mine the 16th , but havent heard a thing from them :(
      I wish they would just confirm payment