Peachdaydreams Mini Discussion

Mar 7, 2017

    1. this is a discussion tread for Onedat and any other mini dolls I make that are on topic.
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    2. Omg I had never seen this doll!! It's sooo cool!! Where can I find more information and photos?
    3. there are progress pictures on my tumbler and Instagram.
    4. Very sad that I could not scrounge up enough to make the preorder in time. Thank you for making this thread! I'm excited to see everyone's dinos in action.
    5. @Loptr I do plan on doing another pre-order later this year, not sure when yet but I when I do I will have the info in the news thread. But till then I look forward to seeing what everyone does with there Onedat :3nodding::chomp:
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    6. So I'm just going to start this off.
      Look who is here! I managed to give her a quick face up though I will probably try again before the end of summer. My iplehouse BID dresses, especially the stretchy ones or ones I have not gotten around to sewing the back closed fit her fairly well so I'm going to be adjusting those patterns as soon as I can. The little fangs are currently unfinished because I haven't had time do do actual clay work, so I'll make nicer ones of those soon. Also got her to stand on one foot! She is just so cute!
      Box opening!
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    7. She turned put super cute!
    8. I know others out there have onedat, I want to see her! Did anyone get in on the second preorder? The purple was tempting. I've been sewing fantasy dresses and my Onedat was one of the girls who got one

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    9. I've one Onedat in green and I adore her. Wish I could have gotten her a pal in a new resin color - fun new options!! Can't wait to see more out there <3 Lovely doll. Beautifully made.

      I love the colors you went with, Waflicka :3

      Onedat by Peachdaydreams
      by lunar backbone, on Flickr

      (edit - sorry - messed up attaching the image - gettin' left behind! - the tech is so slick I'm still trying to catch up!)
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    10. Love that sweater looks great on her
    11. @lunarbackbone Those pants she is in, did you make them or buy them somewhere? They fit so perfect! She is so sweet looking with her tail curling around.
    12. I picked them up at Dollmore some time ago (Yay! They still have them Also in white) - I had planned on making her a cool outfit outta leather and such but I pulled out the box of MSD stuff the other day and starting considering a lighter more casual look and then painted her crest hot pink (so she kinda looks punkish). I'll try to get a good photo of her now <3
    13. [​IMG]Onedat by lunar backbone, on Flickr
      That photo I've been meaning to take! I love this gal so much<3
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    14. Love her crest! And those pants are on my wishlist for next time I get around to a dollmore order.

      Fern and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I finally got her fangs on her, next up is her wings. And a flapper dress for the PNW bjd expo.

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    15. I really really hope it's ok to necro this thread...but I made my order for a violet onedat this summer and I'm extremely excited!!!

      It's the first time I'm shelling an oc so i already have eyes, a wig, and hair, plus alternate horns i need to mod and paint!!

      Did anyone else get in on the third preorder?

      (I've also been admiring @Waflicka and @lunarbackbone 's dolls as well, you both did great mods and painting jobs!!)
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    16. I did! I ordered her in the orange skin tone and she’s going to be the medic in my bounty hunter trio. I’m really excited. I have a mix of msd and sd sized clothing, so hopefully she’ll have some clothes when she arrives.
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    17. The orange is super beautiful, congrats!! :D

      And with onedat's sweet expression she would make a perfect medic! I can't wait to see what kind of outfit she'll have~ did you order her blank or with one of the faceup options?

      I only have clothes for MSD and below...I'm guessing its the pants/bottoms that are going to need to be SD sized?
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    18. I decided to order her blank, so I could do my own face up. She won’t be my first as I was able to get a few practice heads done before it got too cold. For clothing I’m thinking more modern when she has down time and more military when she’s working. And yes according to her measurements her bottoms should be sd sized.
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    19. There's something really fun about a blank doll you can do anything you like with, i can't wait to see! Practice heads is always a good idea--do you have an idea for what you want to do with her face? I'm hoping the weather warms up so i can go back to painting my dolls too >>;;

      Oooh both valid choices, modern clothes are always in plentiful supply, espcially for msd! The character I'm shelling my onedat into has the easiest outfit ever--a tank top, shorts, and toeless socks, so here's hoping! :celebrate
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    20. I know this post is kinda old but I just got my nubby mits on a little Dino! My only question is, what fits her? Like what size clothing, wigs, eyes and she obviously can’t wear shoes so haha
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