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Peak's Wood - Dandy Boys

Jun 5, 2014

    1. Thought I would start a new thread to have all the information about the gorgeous dandy boy's in one place.

      Hopefully in time we will have information on what clothes fit etc and more importantly pictures of all the lovely boys we own!
    2. I heard from Peak's Woods that SD13 Long Leg boy clothes work best for these boys. Here's my boy, Cosmo, in DollHeart SD13 boy size - Cello Romantic:

      Cosmo and Sonja by alington, on Flickr

      He's wearing a Licht wig (size 8/9, I think), and I want to say Dollzone shoes, which are big on him.

      Sonja is a Wake-Up Goldie hybrid on WS Doll Chateau Youth body (Thanks to Val Zeitler of her version on Flickr for the idea!), wearing DollHeart's Vampire Wedding outfit, which she floats in.
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    3. I can't stop starin at the Peakswood page *_* ! I really like some of the clothes on the Peakswood website. I don't know if I want casual or suits for my guy. I don't even know what color hair I want my Bella to be :sweat Anyone else facing this dilemma?
    4. Alington - your Cosmo is sooooo gorgeous! More pic spam! More! :)

      Krystina - I'm having the same problem for my Tristan. I know he will have a goth/punk look but I have no idea on eye colour or wig choice! It's so hard. These guys are so good looking I don't want to ruin them XD
    5. Goth and punk would look good on him! Especially since you got him in white skin. Did you get him with a faceup or will you be doing his faceup? lol I don't think you can ruin them; they'll look good in anything! I think I'm going to have my guy wear hand-me-downs (that are too big) until I can figure out what kind of clothes to get him and what kind of character he'll be. Right now, I'm looking for wigs and eyes (I'm hoping someone will run a LeekeWorld G.O. soon)...
    6. Does anyone with one of these boys have the ability to take comparison pics with another standard-size male body? (Volks or Luts for example)

      I just ordered Bella the Moon, and I'm already pretty sure that body is going to be used for hybridizing. XD These guys are so gorgeous!
    7. I just discovered these boys tonight- why isn't this thread full of people? They are so pretty!! ;_; And the body, oh my god! I guess everyone's more into the big muscular bodies right now? I think the Dandy body is absolutely gorgeous... I want one for hybridizing, too!

      I'd love to see more owner photos of how it poses and such. Does it stand well? Can it hold up its arms? Can it stay in a slouched position? More photos would be great... preferably without clothes ahaha. :P
    8. For those waiting, a month has passed already! Just another month to go until we get our boys!
    9. I can't believe it either! I'm hoping they start shipping our dolls out before August; I really want to participate in the photo contest :blush
      Speaking of contests; did they announce a winner for the FOC Dandy drawing yet?
    10. I am sold since day 1. Those pics of the Tristan boy removing the white shirt were too much to resist X__D! Frey, my Volks Williams, wants one. I swear is him, not me >_<
    11. Our dolls haven't even been sent out yet and I'm already regretting not getting a Tristan :sweat
      Ordered a couple of wigs from Crobidoll in June and they're finally getting sent! I got limited dia white and mint blue >< I'm thinking of getting some red eyes. I think those would look good. Anyone else get wigs or eyes? Any ideas where I can get some brightly colored clothes?
    12. I'm so fed up of waiting!!!! I can't wait until my Tristan finally gets sent out! I've already decided his style and bought everything :) He is a goth/punk, has golden eyes and a black wig with blonde bits.

      Krystina - dont regret anything! they will re-release the boys soon, so you can always buy him in the future! I love the sound of the wig and red eyes sounds good, maybe pink or purple eyes?
    13. Goth punk sounds fitting for Tristan :love Your character is going to be soo stylish! I'm liking the golden eyes with the black wig and blonde bits combination.
      I agree, I have also been looking into pink and purple eyes as a possibility. I think I'm going to get the eyes from Doll Bakery. I've never had a pair of their eyes but they're really pretty.

      I really want a Tristan in the future, but I've decided I need a Peakswood girl first, before getting another boy lol.

      Anyone else check the status of their order :blush Looks like mine is at the "departure from outward office exchange" status. I'm hoping to get him sometime next week (later rather than sooner) I just ordered some TTYA stuff and I think it would be a few days before I receive them.
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    14. WOW!!! Mine isn't even dispatched yet! Krystina I'm soooo jealous!!!! Can't wait to see him, you must post lots and lots of pictures!
    15. Yayy I got him today!! He's sooo pretty!!! And I don't have any boy clothes for him!! He is wearing a skirt right now (size SD10/SD13). He's very slim. Super cute and sparkly!! I'd requested Peakswood for his lips to be more nude rather than pinky (lips like Tristan's basic faceup) and they were able to do it. I'll post pictures later in the weekend.
    16. krystina: Congrats!! Wearing a skirt every now and then doesn't hurt a boy lol ... can't wait to see his pictures!
    17. [​IMG]

      Well here he is! I love his faceup; my camera can't pick it up real well, but he has sparkles! I have another wig for him (light blue) but I'm going to wait until I get his TTYA clothes before putting it on. Here are some more pictures!
    18. He is GORGEOUS!! :D
      Congratulations on finally getting him home ^__^ Your pictures are great! - And yes, the shimmer stuff on some faceups can be difficult to catch properly on camera >_<"
    19. Krystina he is soooo lovely! Congrats! Such a pretty boy! I definitely would love a Dandy Bella next time they are released!
    20. Thank you! He's the first doll I've had with sparklies! I've been using a DSLR-ish camera but I need to mess with the settings some more.

      Thank you, I totally recommend him!

      Can't wait to start seeing the other Dandys coming in! Hanabi_Chan I'm anxious to see your Tristan :XD: (although, you're probably more anxious to get him in!)