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Event < Peak's Woods 15th Anniversary Special Winter Event + Relay Photo Contest >

Nov 21, 2017

    1. < Peak's Woods 15th Anniversary Special Winter Event >

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      Thank you very much for your love and support towards Peak's Woods for the last 15 years.
      We are finally meeting the last part of celebration of our 15th anniversary.
      And for that we are very much happy and honored and in order to express our gratitude, we are planning to hold fun and special events as follow.
      We hope all of you enjoy and celebrate this holy season with Peak's Woods.
      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our winter event.
      Thank you very much again for your precious time and constant interest in Peak's Woods dolls.

      *New Doll Release :

      1. FOB Little Lottie - FOB version of FOC Lottie

      2. FOB Little Yeru - FOB version of FOC Yeru

      3. FOB Romantic Dotty Muse - Wake-up version of FOB Dotty Muse

      *15% OFF Event :

      1. All the FOB dolls and FOB head parts

      2. All the FOF dolls and FOF head parts

      3. All the Fanta16 dolls

      4. All the FOC head parts

      5. All the FOC Dandy head parts

      *Special Skin :

      The following two special skin tones will be available for all the FOB and FOF full dolls.

      1. Pink Punch

      2. Moonlight Grey

      *Ordering Period : December 15 ~ December 31(2pm in korean time), 2017

      *Business Days :

      The doll or dolls will be shipped in 70 to 90(holidays and weekends not included) working days.
      The head part or parts will be shipped in 50(holidays and weekends not included) working days.

      *Layaway Available :

      Every payment should be over $100 and it should come each week or each month.

      If you add other items, they're recommended to be paid with the first layaway payment since they will be ordered and paid in advance.

      The maximum timeframe of layaway is 20 months however it is generally offered for multiple doll orders.

      If possible, please read the notice regarding our layaway ---> LAYAWAY

      Please go to see the notice regarding it ---> Relay Photo Contest
      #1 somaze, Nov 21, 2017
      Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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      1. There is no theme, no limit in size or color.

      2. One person can submit 1 entry for each line(For example, 1 entry for FOC line and 1 entry for FOB line).

      3. All the photos have to be uploaded on Peak's Woods website Photo Gallery(Photo Gallery - PeaksWoods).
      - Sorry, sending entries by email or other ways will be disregarded.

      4. The right of ownership of winning photos belongs to both Peak's Woods and submitters.

      5. Winners will be the ones who get the most recommendations.
      - It would be very much appreciated if you could give a recommendation to the entry you like.(Don't need to join the website to give a recommendation)
      - Please don't ask others for the recommendations becuase the one who does that will be eliminated from the competition.

      *Running Order of RELAY PHOTO CONTEST : Please, stick to your running category.

      1. 1st Runners : Entries with FOF, Fanta16, Monthly Fairy (December 1st ~ December 7th)

      2. 2nd Runners : Entries with FOB (December 8th ~ December 14th)

      3. 3rd Runners : Entries with FOC, Absolute Beauty (December 15th ~ December 21st)

      4. 4th Runners : Entries with FOC Dandy(61cm) and Dandy67 (December 22nd ~ December 28th)

      *Winning Prize of RELAY PHOTO CONTEST : Winners will be announced on December 29th.

      1 winner from FOC Dandy line
      : 1 FOC Dandy(61cm) will be presented(random type, random skin, no make-up, no extra parts with free shipping)

      1 winner from FOC, Absolute Beauty line
      : 1 FOC (58cm) will be presented(random type, random skin, no make-up, no extra parts with free shipping)

      1 winner from FOB line
      : 1 FOB(44.5cm) will be presented(random type, random skin, no make-up, no extra parts with free shipping)

      1 winner from FOF, Fanta16, Monthly Fairy line
      : 1 FOF(26cm) will be presented(random type, random skin, no make-up, no extra parts with free shipping)

      *All the participants will be received 10 points as a small token of our appreciation
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    3. Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      Now all the pictures of new FOB release have been up.
      We hope you enjoy them. :)

      And our Sincere Apology...

      In order to prevent any further shipping delay in the future,
      there had to be certain change in our winter event.

      Only new FOB release(Little Yeru, Little Lottie, R.Dotty Muse)will be available for order this time.;;;
      We are so very sorry for the disappointment, especially for those who've been waiting for the release of FOB and FOF basic dolls.

      We promise that we will get a chance to release all of them with the same(15%) or even bigger discount next time.

      Thank you very much for your kind understanding and great patience in advance.

      All the best
      Peak's Woods
    4. I hope you release Punky beetle with the next release. :)
      So you are only releasing the DANDY heads? No bodies will be available?
      • x 2
    5. Thank you very much for your kind questions.
      Yes, we are thinking of releasing Punky Beetle but with a girl body when the timing is right. :)
      And this time only new FOB series will be available for order...;;
      Again thank you so much for your precious time and interest.
    6. would the boy body still be an option?