New Doll Peak's Woods 17th Anniversary Event

Feb 12, 2019

    1. Peak's Woods 17th Anniversary Event


      < FOC >

      FOC Mona & Dreamy Mona as a school girl_Go to School

      < FOC Dandy >

      FOC Dandy Laska as a school boy_Go to School
      FOC Dandy Keith as a school boy_Go to School
      FOC Dandy Lavin as a school boy_Go to School
      FOC Dandy Troy as a school boy_Go to School

      < FOB >

      FOB Romi_Go to School
      FOB Punky Beetle G._Go to School

      *Peak's Woods 17th Anniversary Event : 10% OFF from the Doll(head+body) Price!!
      *10 % discount will be offered for the purchase of FOC Lines & New FOB Romi & Punky Beetle G.

      FOC : $550 ------10% OFF------>$495
      FOC Dandy : $590 ------10% OFF------>$531
      FOC Dandy 67 : $680 ------10% OFF------>$612
      (Sorry, this event doesn't concern Peak's Woods' dealers)

      *Make-up change NOT available!!

      *Available skin tones during Peak's Woods 17th Anniversary Event

      Blue Grey

      *Ordering Period : February 14 (20:00 p.m.)~ March 2, 2019

      : The doll or dolls will be shipped in 70~100 business days(holidays and weekends not included) from the order confirmation.

      You will find more details and information on each promotion page.
      Please feel free to leave us any questions on our Q & A board below.

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    2. Do you have an example of your different resin colors on your dolls? I've seen your resin swatch post on Instagram but I can't figure out what certain dolls in your gallery are. For example, your Vampire Dotty Muse with the black wig you post on October 19th looks really blue but doesn't look like your blue-gray resin swatch. Is it in fact that blue? Do you have a doll example of Blue-Gray vs Moonlight Gray? I know MG is not being offered in this event but as you cycle through resin colors in events often, I'm trying to decide what kind of event I'm waiting for in my next purchase. Do you also have a plan to do another FOB event with Emerald resin this year?