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New Doll Peak's Woods 2018 Halloween Specials, ""Sentimentally Wicked & Gentle Monsters"

Oct 4, 2018

    1. Peak's Woods 2018 Halloween Specials.

      *New Release

      < FOC_"Sentimentally Wicked" >

      • FOC Vampire Goldie_Open Eyed Version (Goldie with Front teeth and Vampire Fangs)
      • FOC Vampire Mona (Mona with Vampire Fangs)
      • FOC Vampire Rosemii Blossom (Rosemii Blossom with Vampire Fangs)
      < FOC Dandy_"Gentle Monsters" >

      • FOC Vampire Dandy Seize (Seize with Vampire Fangs)
      • FOC Vampire Dandy Troy (Troy with Vampire Fangs)
      • FOC Dandy Kasspio

      *Available skin tones during 2018 Halloween Special

      • White
      • Normal
      • Emerald Green
      • Lavender Pink

      *Key Information

      • Ordering Period : October 5 ~ October 20, 2018
      • The doll or dolls will be shipped in 70~100 business days(holidays and weekends not included) from the order confirmation.
      • We're sincerely sorry but layaway order with limited outfit from "Sentimentally Wicked" is NOT available since the quantity is very small this time.

      *Layaway Available : Please read a notice regarding our new layaway before placing an order.

      -----> LAYAWAY

      You will find more details and information on each promotion page.
      Please feel free to leave us any questions on our Q & A board below.

      -----> Q & A BOARD

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      PW Twitter : Peak's Woods (@peakswoods) | Twitter
      PW Instagram : Peak's Woods (@peakswoods) • Instagram photos and videos
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    2. No FOBs being released? This is just another FOC release so soon after the last FOC release? Just curious.
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    3. Dear,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      Thank you very much for your kind and interesting question.

      We're preparing a little event as Halloween Special Part2. :)

      Thank you very much again for your precious time and interest.
      We hope you have a wonderful weekend~~~!!

      Best regards
      Peak's Woods
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