Event [Peak's Woods] 2020 WINTER EVENT + Silent Auction, "My treat!!"

Dec 2, 2020

    1. Peak's Woods 2020 Winter Event

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      We hope you and your beloved ones're staying safe, healthy, and happy.

      We're holding a Winter Event in December with the dolls prepared for several doll shows scheduled for 2020.
      As you know all the doll shows we were planning to attend have been either postponed or canceled.

      That is why we're letting you know that most of the dolls were prepared early and have our old leg parts(one-jointed knee parts) since it takes quite a time in order to prepare various skin tones and make-ups.
      The dolls will be offered with 18% discount and as all preparations are complete with no make-up, the shipping will be done within 1 to 2 weeks.

      Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for your great support and constant interest in 2020.
      We wish you all the best of luck in 2021 and also we do hope to see you in person again soon. :)

      *Dolls available for sale during 2020 Winter Event.
      "18th Anniversary + Winter Event _ NO MAKE-UP & 18% OFF & ONE-JOINTED KNEES"

      [​IMG] <---Click

      : If you'd like to add a face-up to your order, you need to consult with us first.
      With make-up, the shipping will take about 70~120 business days(holidays and weekends not included) not 1 to 2 weeks because this case(with make-up) orders from Halloween Special have to be shipped first.
      You will be bale to find all the details and information on each promotion page.
      Please feel free to leave us any questions on our Q & A board below or email us at [email protected].
      -----> Q & A BOARD

      *Ordering Period : December 04(20:00, Korea Standard Time) ~ December 31, 2020

      *Sorry, Layaway Not Available.

      *Silent Auction, "My treat!!"

      :Peak's Woods will donate 4 dolls below for the Event.
      The winners(highest bidders) will receive dolls and their contribution will be distributed as coupons
      to those who will participate in Peak's Woods 19th Anniversary Event next year(2021).
      In short, Peak's Woods 19th Anniversary Event will be held with a big help from those winners
      and its beneficiary will be general customers.

      *Here is how to join the event.
      1. Please send us a number(price in mind) by email([email protected]) from December 4 to December 6.
      2. The highest price gets a doll(shipping cost will be included).
      3. Winner announcement on December 7.
      4. Shipping will be done between December 8 and December 11.

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