Peak's Woods Fairies of Colors Discussion PART VIII

Apr 2, 2018

    1. I'm thinking of ordering Mona before her sales period ends, but I have a few questions about Peakswoods resin colors that I was hoping someone could answer!

      1. Is the WS difficult to photograph? I've noticed paper white dolls don't photograph easily, but more off-white colors are just fine.
      2. How quickly does NS yellow?

      Thanks in advance for any help! :kitty2

      -------- Added notes --------

      This is the new thread for the lovely Peak's Woods FoC girls!!
      Peak's Woods Absolute Beauty girls and the Re-designed girls can be discussed here too!!

      - Korean BJD company PeaksWoods shopping mall -

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    2. Thanks very much for the link ! You're girl is super cute! Love her resin colour! :love
    3. Using flash can make it interesting to photograph the white, but then I find it makes doll photography more difficult in general. If you have a separate light, like a bright lamp, you can just turn your camera's flash off. (For an example, my avatar is a Peaks Woods Tristan in white.) I've had a NS head for about a year, and there hasn't been any obvious yellowing.
    4. I have a NS Peakswood doll from 2014 and a NS head from Peakswoods from a year ago and haven't noticed any color differences.
    5. @NekoNyanMew

      To make it easier to shoot white dolls, you can diffuse the light with fabric or a softbox, or point a light at a ceiling or wall so you're bouncing the light rather than hitting the doll directly. In my picture at post #1018 I used a studio spot with a softbox pointed up at the wall behind me, and a small desklight pointed at the ceiling above the doll.

      The old PW white was more white than the newer dolls which are are a tiny bit pinkish. I have a five year old PW doll and some newer ones and I haven't noticed any real yellowing in either.
    6. Thank you :). I love the color too

      1) I don't find it harder to photograph my ws girls then my other ones. Just got to watch the light levels (@dollhausen hit the mark with diffusing the light) and give enough contrast with the background.

      2) I haven't noticed yellowing on my ns girls yet although it can be hard to say without a doll to compare to. I got 3 girls, two from 2015 and the other 2016.

      On a similar topic... Does anyone have tips for photographing the girls with half closed eyes? In the past, I've had to do a lot of shenanigans to get the light to hit my girls eyes. I think my WS WU Lottie is the hardest of the bunch. *_*
    7. lol I'd like to hear some of those tips too!
    8. @EmmiImee and @krystina - For the dreaming eyes I like to get really light colored eyes, my preference is urethanes, but I think any eyes that catch the light will work.

      Basically for indoors I do everything @dollhausen suggested.

      I use multiple light sources as overhead light makes hooded shadows under the eyes, so an additional soft diffused light in front or to the side of the doll works. (I don't have professional equipment, so this is usually a table lamp or desk lamp with a scarf or other thin piece of fabric draped over it - just make sure your lamp doesn't get too hot and you don't keep the fabric on too long or your fabric can catch fire.) I also sometimes turn a desk lamp around & let the light reflect off a light surface, such as a light colored wall or off a piece of paper to get a soft light effect.

      For outdoors I think it's important to shoot dreaming dolls either in the morning or evening with the doll mostly facing the sun for the best reflection of the eyes.
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    9. Thanks for the tips faireva! I never thought of using thin fabric to cover a lamp (it's to soften the lighting right?)
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    10. @krystina - Yes, exactly, to soften the light so the doll doesn't look like it's in a spotlight. :daisy
    11. New Oscardoll eyes for Selmy :whee::
      I put more eye pictures in the Oscar Eyes thread.
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    12. Oh I am so glad you posted Selmy here. I saw him in the Oscar Eye photo thread and was dying to say something about how beautiful he is. Those eyes are beautiful too and look perfect in him.
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    13. Thank you so much caddyvamp :whee:
    14. What a beautiful doll you have!!
    15. Thank you paxita!!
    16. Very gentle boy. New eyes he really goes! Show more often!
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    17. Thank you I'm glad you like him :blush
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    18. Thank you for showing such beauty. He's really cute. Please tell me you have it on native corporate body?
    19. Yes, he is on his normal body from Peakswoods. I highly recommend it, its sculpted really well and poses well too. I especially like the hands - nimble looking and expressive:blush
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    20. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind. Me, too, very likes this body, very graceful and refined.
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