Peak's Woods Fairies of Colors Discussion PART VIII

Apr 2, 2018

    1. I received two dolls last month! My Hunky Dory in lavender pink and Rosemii Blossom in pink punch skin. They have both been on layaway for quite a long time. I honestly didn't expect my Rosemii to arrive this quickly (I paid her off in January), but it was such a nice surprise to get her home so soon :D

      Here are some photos of my lovely new girls:

      I've decided to name them Elune and Lilith. I love them SO much! :aheartbea
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    2. They are gorgeous :D
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    3. YOUR GIRLS ARE AMAZING!:D I think I want a Rosemii Blossom now lol . Fantastic faceups as expected from Peakswoods :whee:
    4. They are both gorgeous :) I've always had a soft spot for Rosemii Blossom :D
    5. @Calfuray your girls are amazing and your photos are so pro quality. I just received a Rosemii too and just love her. Hunkey Dorey is also one of my favorites - so odd and quirky - but yours is beyond beautiful.
    6. I got my Little Lottie in and had to share her next to big Lottie! They matched her features in the FoB size perfectly!! Although it does appear they made Little Lottie’s cheeks a tad chubbier :XD: and I have to say the FoB Muse body lives up pretty well next to the Lolita body! I know this is the FoC thread but I had to share the side by side here in case anyone was curious about the Lottie’s little sister :whee:

      I also heard on instagram a FoB release is due this month, and a FoC release due in June!
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    7. Your Lottie's are so precious :whee: They look so cute together.
    8. Very cute! I hope they do a wakeup Lottie at some point for FOB, it would be adorable with the pouty cheeks!
    9. They are stunning! And the face-ups look wonderfull, makes me sad I did not order my Goldie with a face up from peakswoods. Already loved the hunky dory sculpt but seeing her with this kind of skin colour makes it even harder to not order one. Even tho I promised myself to not buy anymore dolls untill I finish the face-ups on the ones I already own. Luckily the sales are closed at the moment on the site.
    10. @hsifalissa Thank you! :blush

      @krystina Thank you so much, dear! You should go for it! I love my Rosemii Blossom and they did such an amazing job with her faceup :love

      @EmmiImee Thank you! Rosemii is my favorite sculpt, so when they released the Blossom version I knew I had to add her to my collection :whee:

      @caddyvamp Aw, thank you for the sweet compliment! I love taking photos of my girls. "Quirky" is a great way to describe Hunky Dory! She has a very unique aesthetic, which is why I had to get her :D

      @Cuteasadoll I absolutely adore your two Lotties! Their chubby cheeks are so cute! I want to pinch them! :chibi

      @Mademoiselle Grymms Thank you! I love Peak's Woods' faceups, but I've seen a lot of gorgeous custom ones too. I'm sure your girl will be amazing! :aheartbea Maybe you can get Hunky Dory when you have finished your other dolls? I'm sure they will make her available again someday.
    11. Love seeing the Lottie sisters! Beautiful faceups, and Little Lottie's blushing chubby cheeks and small, delicate hands are so adorable. Also appreciating the dusty rose/earth tones, it gives their portrait a gentle, harmonious feeling. (Seeing how cute they look together makes me wonder how I have resisted the FOB size so far!)
    12. New pic on twitter of their FoB Dottie Muse. What a beaut!:D
    13. Peak’s Woods just told me that they will be re-releasing FOB Romantic Dotty Muse, Lottie and Yeru soon!
      I’m trying to convince myself not to buy one this time.. Although I’m very much in love with both R. Dotty Muse and Lottie :D
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    14. @Calfuray join the Lottie Squad :XD: I wonder what the other basic listings will look like!
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    15. R. Dotty Muse and Yeru looks so dreamy and cute - it will be hard to resist especially since its seems Peakswoods will be having a sale on the Fant16 to FOB lines :shudder
    16. [​IMG]

      Sorry for the poor quality but this is all I can show you all. My FoC Goldie finally has a faceup, got her a gorgeous outfit, and new pair of eyes~
      Now that Peakswoods is releasing a new event I really to order but still thinking about which ones.
      Oh sorry I'll be posting here from now on since my Goldie is ready to be shown ^_^;. I just need to buy more outfits for her x-x.
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    17. @BlueyKiwi Congrats on finishing your doll! Her face up looks adorable. Beutifull eyes btw, really give her this enchanting gaze.
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    18. Elune and Lilith are gorgeous!

      @Cuteasadoll your Lotties are adorable together.

      And your FOC Goldie looks beautiful, @BlueyKiwi ! I love her faceup. :D

      I am in the process of FINALLY painting my Hunky Dory Blue.
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    19. I was so bad! I finally got the shipping notification from DDE that my Tristan had shipped (she’s arriving today!) and I saw that they had a vamp Rosemii in stock. So now I have her arriving on Tuesday! Peaks girls are taking over my life! Vamp Rosemii will go perfectly with my human Rosemii.
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    20. Requesting some rosemii spam! Such a beautiful sculpt!