Peak's Woods Fairies of Colors Discussion PART VIII

Apr 2, 2018

    1. Thank you! Thank you! :blush
      I was convinced that the Pub was a cover for their ghost hunting activities, but so far all I've seen is drinking, eating and playing games in the Pub. I think they pulled one over on me. :|
    2. Wow, the Pointless Pub is amazing. I wanna eat, drink and play games in there!
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    3. @SteamWitch Wow, I'm completely blown away by all the details in your pub! And it's SD size! Must have taken quite a while to make - very impressive and well done! :ablink: Btw, I love the name too :lol:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I recently received this beautiful dress for Elune and I just had to take her outside for a photoshoot. My bf and I drove by a tiny waterfall when we went bike riding yesterday and thought it was the perfect spot :aheartbea
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    4. The waterfall is a perfect background for that dress! Beautiful pictures :D
    5. That colour of the dress is so rich and beautiful, really matches her complexion. Together with the scenery it's like your stepping into a fairytale about some enchanting waternymph!
    6. Man, my account hasn't been updating on DoA with new posts from this thread :? Before I go look at the pictures, I wanted to show pics of my Troy! He just came back from faceups today:


      His name is Mewt and he is the Prince of a moon-bunny race called "the Usagi." :whee: Sailor-Moon and FFIV inspired :chibi Faceup is by Memento Mori. I'll have more pics later, y'all have to see his hands they are beautiful!:love
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    7. Love that wig on her! She looks so bold and mesmerizing.

      Wonderful work on her faceup! I love her eyeshadow especially - I think its the most perfect color on white skin.
      She's so cute!
      O man doesn't he look impressive! I really love his character and look at all those accessories! Your backdrop is also amazing. Very nice work; your doll family is truly awesome!
      So colorful! I love her lip color and I like the way you paired her with those horns. Can't wait to see her complete. Sorry I don't have any advice for partial faceup removal- hope you find some info from someone on here. Have you looked around in Workshop?
      O wow, look at her! She looks so heavenly. And what a great photo op! Definitely should put this one in the next Peakswoods photo contest XD
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    8. @krystina he's gorgeous! Is he in their white skin? His color palette is just such a nice aesthetic. :D so pretty!

      I'm still kinda hoping they'll sell lavender pink skin FOC again. I really want a fantasy girl from them, but that color hasn't been in the last couple of preorders.
    9. Thank you Kayble :D Yes he is in white skin. Yes I like his palette a lot; I wanted a little bit softer than Peakswoods White Rabbit faceup (I had ordered it, but then decided to get him w/o it) I did get the manicure from Peakswoods though (totally worth it, his hands are lovely!)
      I hope you get you fantasy girl. I agree, their lavender pink is out of this world. If I had the money I'd probably get another doll in that color :XD:
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    10. @krystina Thank you very much! Also love the colours in your face up, he just looks so adorable (especially with those fluffy ears). Would love to see some more pics of him :)

      @Kayble I do think the will. I recently asked them if they were going to release a hunky dory in blue skin ever again, since they just did a release they said it wont be anytime soon, sad but good for my wallet. However they did tell me they would make a few lavender pink skin hunky's for some doll event in asia and I could buy one of those. So they atleast did not drop the colour and probably will be available again somewhere in the future.
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    11. Im swooning looking at all these beautiful dolls!

      Recently, I took my Rosemii Blossom to a tea party and twinned with her, I made her a whole matching outfit, it is still unfinished but still I am pretty happy about it! Everyone kept asking where my doll and what sculpt she was at the local doll convention I attended. I was able to hold lots of dolls from volks to ringdoll...and I still felt PW really got their resin so nice and silky compared to many other companies! Also the PW pink punch skin tone is so lovely, she was so PINK compared to other pink tone resins I saw. I know red skin tones tend to yellow more noticeably but I hope it'll stay! I don't think anyone that I saw at the con had a PW doll (they are missing out teehee) REPPIN MY PW doll!

      I also let her try on lots a variety of SD clothes but yeah the fitting is not quite right. Can someone confirm that PW FOC girls are exactly? SD 13 sized? I feel like those measurements are still not exactly quite right but it might depend also on my dolls bust size since rosemii blossom was made with the Large bust.

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    12. @Nyakokat you two are stunning!! I love how you even matched down to the style of bangs :whee: as for the sizing, Peak’s Woods are both slim, but pear shaped. Meaning they’ll probably be a mix of things. They definitely have an SD16-ish booty! The below outfit is made for Little Monica dolls with their large bust- which is a body very close to SD16 but even some of the measurements are larger than the Volks standard. The bustier too was very loose, I know it’s hard to see being black but you can see the breast cups are really not fitting the torso at all (my Chai is in the small bust body though! Even so the top and harness up top are very loose on her). But the panty, socks, and garter belt are TIGHT I could barely get them on her, and even though they’re just panties, she can’t even sit in them (pleather dom looks :XD:)

      The pink dress I usually have her in is for SD10 (the dress in my current profile image here on DoA) and is also very loose in the torso. A larger bust would remedy fit in both items but that’s my speculation, and it may still be a little off. Hopefully more here can share brands they’ve successfully fit well! Below is the image of the harness outfit, didn’t want to split up my text with it in the middle :3nodding:
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    13. @Nyakokat you and your doll are beautiful together! I’m jealous!
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    14. @Nyakokat :D I wanna lock you both up in my doll cabinet, hehe! Those lovely pastel tones really bring out your Rosemii's pink skin tone!
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    15. Hey babe, are you my drink from Starbucks because I always get Chai Lottie
      and I miss seeing her sexay look a Lottie.
      sorry, I will stop with the bad puns.

      Once again thank you for your knowledgeable replies ❤️ that helps a lot(tie) actually!!!
      The SD clothes for her are so loose so it has been a struggle. Would SD16 dresses floorlength be a bit too long for them even though the chest and other parts fit?
      I actually bought a SD female mannequin for my doll and I was sewing on that and I tried to compare measurements and I thought that a few mm-cm larger wouldn't be so bad but ... yeah it was xD i couldn't even fit the original collar that I was going to sew onto this dress, it made the dress a turtle neck so it had to be different slightly and I had to hem things early. Next time I will use my duct tape mannequin...

      Haha thank you, love!! :3

      As long as I can meet other PW dolls, don't mind if i do LOL. And yes, the pink punch skin tone is my favorite, but I have yet to see other color skin tones, hoping my next one will be NS or WS! I really love wittle Lottie because of @Cuteasadoll (and ofc FOC Goldie who I have yet to find )
    16. @krystina The white skin of your Troy looks so lovely! I also enjoyed your introduction of Mewt. The moon-bunny race part and your mention of Sailor Moon made me smile.

      @Nyakokat I am staring at the picture you shared! Both so beautiful!!

      I thought I missed out on Mona but I just noticed that there are two dates mentioned on her page "First released: March 15~April 5, 2018" and "Ordering Period: July 1~July 30, 2018". I am new to Peak's Woods though so maybe this is a common thing?
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    17. You and your doll are soooo beautiful! :whee: I really love the mint and pastel pink colors together in both your outfits- so lovely! And lol, nice of ya to be reppin Peakswoods! I bet you blew everyone away with your Rosemii :XD:

      OOO I love this outfit on your Chai! So bold and daring :XD:

      Awww thank you:blush I hope you get your Mona. Yes, Peakswoods have an ordering schedule instead of having their dolls be available to order all the time (I think it helps with their casting as they are a small company). They may be opening their ordering period soon. I know they have an FOC summer ordering period planned featuring a new Dandy (I think that's what someone here mentioned).
    18. OMG guys the new doll pics are up!!!!! The pics show Mona in different colors, a WU version of Mona and a new Dandy (Seize) :blush Looks like there is a new brown skin too (Savanna)
    19. Where? I may be blind.
    20. If the Savanna Brown is the color that Mona is shown in (in the banner), I'm totally in love! Their previous tans were super orangey, kind of like the old school Custom House tan. Hmmm, I'm horribly tempted.

      If you go to their site and look at the banner, you can see the images. They also have been posting some photos to their Instagram/Facebook account as well. :)