Peak's Woods Fairies of Colors Discussion PART VIII

Apr 2, 2018

    1. Oh, I didn't see those pics before! If that's the new tan it looks great! Although I have to say their suntan skin is still my favorite! It's not orangey at all - that was the very old tan they had way back :)
    2. @Nyakokat - I'll join in with everyone else with being impressed and amazed by your outfits. You guys look so amazing. I love it when people spend the time and creative energy on something like that. Very impressive.

      @Cuteasadoll - Yowza! Nice outfit. Most of my PW dolls are in DollHeart but I think it's time for a makeover.

      I find most dolls to be a mix between sizes because manufacturers have a hard time with all the size variances. I have clothing I bought for one doll that ends up on another. Some times I have to buy two of something to get the size that fits the one I was buying for.
    3. @skyealloway @Mademoiselle Grymms @krystina Thank you so much everyone! :aheartbea

      @Nyakokat I love your matching outfits! You both look super cute! :D

      I have actually never had problems with clothes for my PW girls. I'd say most SD13 fits them. Of course it depends on the bust size and how tight a fit you want. Most of mine are normal bust. My Hunky Dory has small bust though, but so far the clothes I've tried on her seems to fit - even the long AyuAna gown that is made for larger busts. Maybe I've just been lucky? :sweat
    4. I have a new tanned girl, but I was referring to my super orange girl who was one of the older tans. :) I don't think their tan is very tan though, so I hope that the Savanna Brown is actually a deeper tone than what they currently offer!
    5. @Nyakokat you seriously made that whole outfit?! It looks so perfect, almost eat able looking like cotton candy haha. Many have said it but you both look stunning just love your Lolita clothing style.
      @Cuteasadoll daw even tho this is a more spicy outfit it does fit her greatly and still looks elegant. And that tan <3

      About tan I do have to agree a little with @honeyedbiscuit even tho I love their tans they do seem to be rather light and would enjoy seeing a darker tone. On the other hand peakswoods is known for their delicate dolls and skin tones.
      And from what I get from the pictures this one isn't going to be very much darker either. Like I even have a hard time for now seeing the difference between the new tan and their suntan. And if I Chek the color chart their urban brown seems a bit darker(never seen this one irl so not sure about that). Anyway I do hope one day they will make a coffee/dark chocolate kind of brown, prom not... But a girl can dream XD
      Edit: before that tho still patentially waiting for the next round of releases where they hopefully have their blue skin up again. So hard tho, want my hunky dory so badly. It's like having extra waiting time on the regular waiting time, just one to be like "take my money peakswoods, I don't care if it takes more then a half year before you can make her, but now I'm atleast sure I will get her. "
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    6. @Mademoiselle Grymms I agree about skin tones, too. In my other doll hobby, most of my dolls are suntan, tan, or dark, and I really like diversity amongst my dolls. While their dolls are delicate, I think that darker tones can still have the delicate feeling that they convey. I think PW's would make gorgeous dolls regardless, but I do know that there is difficulty with producing even, darker-skinned dolls.

      The old tan I have is super orangey; the new tan I have is still super light...

      Here is a photo of my suntan Tristan :)

      And resin photo comparison:
      L-R, Custom House "normal," PW's old suntan (orange tan), PW's current suntan, PW's old white.

      Both photos were natural light, no editing.
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    7. @honeyedbiscuit oh, I misunderstood you then because you said "their previous tans" so I thoight you were referring to the suntan as well.

      I also think some variety is good and I've been super excited about seeing their new tan skin. Some more comparison photos would be great though. The two skin tones look very similar in the photo they posted on IG.
    8. @Mademoiselle Grymms

      I agree that most of their skin tones are really light/subtle. I own all of their "normal" skin tones (white, normal, suntan, urban brown) and while I see the difference in person, its hard to convey over the camera. However, The urban brown is definitely darker than the suntan ever was (and certainly darker than this savannah color will be).

      I got an album of resin comparisons for anyone interested: [Peak's Wood] Resin Comparisons (Warning - Contains doll nudity)
      The album makes the difference in suntan vs normal appear more subtle then it is in person.

      From the photos, it appears the savannah brown is cooler then the suntan is but I don't believe its any darker.

      My Tristan in urban brown:

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    9. I just got a surprise package today. My Dlight arrived! I ordered her on 3/27 so I wasn’t expecting her quite yet.
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    10. @hannaliten Congratulations! The Dlight sculpt is so beautiful!! I hope you share some pictures when you get a chance :)

      I was reading the layaway page and had a noob question for you all. I am accustomed to using PayPal for my layaway payments with other companies. Has the layaway gone smoothly for those of you who have used the 'Bank Transfer Deposit' option? Peak's Woods says to choose this option when doing layaways but not sure how it would work for me because of the fees associated with international transfers.
    11. I have always used Paypal for my layaway through Peaks Wood. You choose a bank to deposit the first time (and don't exchange any money), it's just their way of making a reservation. Once it's confirmed Peak's Wood creates the layaway page for you and you can pay with Paypal.
    12. Thank you so much for that clarification! Really appreciate it!
    13. Question for all of you more familiar with Peakswood's and their release schedule:

      Last time they did the FOC dolls, did they have as many options as they do this time? I see the Kisha head is available for sale this time around and I was wondering if anyone knew if she was available in one of the last batches? Or have any idea if she might pop up again?

      Thank you
    14. Yeah I noticed that too- I don’t remember seeing her as an option during the last order period. Makes me a bit nervous- she was originally released on the AB body but Peakswoods have closed that body option. I think it would be safe to assume Kisha will be available as an option for the next FoC order period (if no, if you message them about it they’re pretty flexible.)
    15. @EmmiImee Even tho it's hard to photograph it's always nice to have some comparison pictures, urban brown indeed pops out of the others. Your Tristan looks lovely with it. Do wonder do they still produce this skin color? Lately I haven't seen it pass by lately.

      @honeyedbiscuit Also like your Tristan of purse. Again I do also like the subtillness of this skin, especially nicely stifled with that wig
    16. @Mademoiselle Grymms Peak's Woods mentioned on their Instagram that the doll factory they work with currently doesn't accept the urban brown skin color. It was their most recent post with the color chart.

      I'm really curious about how the savannah brown will look in person.
    17. @UnderWings

      That's a pity! It is a difficult color to get right... they actually had to remake my Tristan when I first got her. But the color is gorgeous. I'm really glad I got her in that color now!

      I'm curious about the savannah brown too. In the first photos, it seemed less saturated than the suntan but the color chart makes it appear to be the opposite. Maybe it will be like the suntan vs normal where the suntan looks really similar in pictures but in person, there is a clear difference.

      I'm personally waiting on them to reopen the green resin. I've seen some gorgeous vampire girls come in that color!
    18. Yes, that was my answer, I asked them that question because I was thinking about a 67cm body for my Keith the Prince, but sadly they gave me that answer, no more Urban Brown :atremblin
    19. Does anyone have a PW boy? I'm thinking about "needing" one but concerned about the clothing. Is it hard to dress the boys? They seem very thin and tall and might be a problem finding a pattern that would work. Girls are easy to dress and the clothing is pretty universal. Does anyone have a favorite Dandy sculpt? Help me decide. :)
    20. Ah thats too bad! Geuss that also means there is a slim chance of them ever producing another darker skintone.