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Peak's Woods Fantawoods Fanta 16 cm discussion part 1

Feb 13, 2017

    1. Peak's Woods, one of my favourite doll companies, just released 16 cm dolls named Fanta 16 (category Fantawoods).

      The body looks awesome, so chubby and posable! Pukifee & Lati Yellow clothes and shoes will probably fit.

      The first dolls* are Stevie and Wonder (my personal favourite is Wonder :blush). They are available in white, normal, suntan, blue grey, lavender pink and emerald green skin.

      *Order Period: February 14 ~ March 14, 2017.

      I will probably order a Wonder in WS soon. What do you think of them? :celebrate
    2. I would love to have Wonder with that little mouth. That's great, the skin options.
    3. I am in love with both...

      I hope to get Wonder but I am not sure what skin tone I will get.
    4. "Stevie Wonder" - who is a big fan of the singer ? :love I also like both , but Stevie a little more !!!
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    5. They are showing TTYA clothes for them so that should be the same size as Lati and Pukifee, right?
    6. I like Wonder too but can't decide on what skin tone. I couldn't find a skin tone comparison for Peakswoods yet to make my decision.
    7. I love Wonder too but I can not decide about the skin colour. A skin tone comparison would be great, but I was not able to find one anywhere too. If I will order, my Wonder will be in white or in emerald green skin.
    8. They are adorable : I am happy that more company released new 16cm line
    9. I am nicely surprised too. I love the body of these new dolls, their hands and feet are very cute!
    10. I got my emerald green skin Wonder two days ago, and she is amazing! I love everything about her, skin colour, body design, faceup and posing. Also the waiting time was less than 3 months. I might want one more tiny doll from Peak's Woods. The new Fanta 16 release will be in one week!
      [​IMG]Trying out different wigs by Smilga2008, on Flickr
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    11. Babyelf, did you order Wonder in White skin? I didn't see any owner pictures of Wonder. It would be great to see her in other skin tones, especially in white, blue grey and lavender pink. In the new release a new skin colour will be available - pink punch.
      Here is a teaser picture of dreamy Wonder

      [​IMG]Peak's Woods Fanta 16 Dreamy Wonder by Smilga2008, on Flickr

    12. She is adorable, I never did order so I am glad that she is coming out again this week. . .
    13. Sadly, I missed the first order period, but I hope to order one of these cuties this time :D.
    14. I hope you will order one this time. I am dreaming about white skin dreamy Wonder... I think she is amazing. I like her body much better than Lati Yellow body, it looks better and poses better.
    15. I'd love to see any owner pics of these lil cuties! They're so tiny, but seem to have some pretty good posability!