Peaks Woods FOB re release?

Aug 2, 2017

    1. Anyone know if and when Peaks Woods will be re releasing some of the FOB girls with their makeup and all?

      Tried asking and one person said they do week long releases but no one really knows when.
    2. It's true no one really knows when, however they are very up front with answering questions and are likely to tell you if you post on their message board! FOC aren't coming back around until Halloween time, so I think FOB may be involved in a winter event after that (but this is pure speculation). They also rarely open up all sculpts for orders, they just have a few featured in the release. By popular demand they had three 7 day festivals, one for FOC, one for Dandies, and one for FOB. It may be a long time before they do something like that again.
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    3. Thank you for the input. Can you link me their message board? I'm a newb and can't find it.
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