ReRelease [Peak's Woods]FOC&Dandy Re-release + PHOTO CONTEST

Jul 27, 2016

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      Dear all,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      We are here today to introduce our 2nd part of Summer Event.

      Peak's Woods is having its 14th anniversary this year
      and we'd like to celebrate it with some fun events.

      Here we go~!!

      <EVENT PERIOD : AUGUST 1 ~ AUGUST 14, 2016>

      1. Re-release Event
      : Closed FOC and FOC Dandy will be available for sale for 14 days.
      We are sincerely sorry but layaway won't be offered this time.

      2. Photo Contest _ "My pets with my Peak's Woods" for 14 days.
      : Please send us a picture of your pet(pets) and your Peak's Woods doll(dolls) together.
      *If you don't have a pet, please don't worry, you can still join our celebration with your PW doll as a pet.

      *One person submits from One to Three entries using PW facebook or photo gallery on PW wabsite.

      Go to PW facebook :
      Go to PW photo gallery :

      *No size, color limit.

      *The picture has to be taken by the contestant.

      *Winner announcement : August 22nd, 2016

      :14 gift boxes for 14 winners (Random head will be included in the box)

      Thank you very much for your interest and precious time.
      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

      All the best
      Peak's Woods
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