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New Doll [Peak's Woods] FOC LE Alice in Fantabulousland_Where is Mr. Alice?

Apr 7, 2017

    1. [​IMG]


      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      We hope you and your beloved ones are well and things are going wonderfully great with you.

      Do you heppen to remember one of PW 2015 Winter Events, "Let us know your Dolly Wishes"?

      The most wishes we got was a theme of Alice in Wonderland with gender swap.
      Therefore this time, we switched a gender of Alice and the White Rabbit.
      Honestly we've had so much fun preparing this theme, we hope you also have enormous fun with us.

      Here is brief information regarding a new release below.

      <FOC LE Alice in Fantabulousland_Where is Mr. Alice?>

      *Model : FOC Rosemii(wake-up) and FOC Rosemii Blossom(open) in Pink Punch skin
      *Ordering Period : April 10, 2017 ~ May 10, 2017
      *Layaway Available
      *15th Anniversary Gift : Event Head

      If the White Rabbit finds Mr. Alice on time, FOC Dandy as Mr. Alice will be released in early May. XD

      <7-day Festival>

      *FOC Re-release : For 7 days, you can order any FOC in Normal and White skin.
      *Ordering Period : April 10, 2017 ~ April 16, 2017
      *Layaway Available

      You will find more details and information on each pomo page on our new website.
      PW New Website :

      Thank you very much for your constant interest and precious time.
      We hope you have a lovely spring~~~~~~~~~~!!!

      Best regards
      Peak's Woods

      PW Facebook :
      Peak's Woods

      #1 somaze, Apr 7, 2017
      Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
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    2. Hi @somaze Thank you for the wonderful event!
      Can you please consider giving the gift head with Rosemii in the same resin color ordered for doll. For those of us ordering pink punch or suntan, it wont match our doll's body and that's a little saddening. Please consider and thank you for your time.
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    3. I second what @Dreadfulme said. I am willing to pay more for the head with the same skin tone of the doll that I order... It's just really sad that's not possible, I won't have any use of the event head if it's in another color T__T
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    4. Thank you very much for your kind opinions and questions.

      Yes, we understand what you mean.

      To tell you the truth, in general special skin takes much longer time than normal and white skin, no matter how hard we work, we are still struggling with quite many orders now.

      We postponed the new FOC release as late as we could but it seems that we still need more time to go back to our normal schedule.

      If we could, random skin for the event head wouldn't be our first choice.;;;

      However we will make FOC Lolita body available so if you are interested in having a full doll in normal or white, you can leave us a message regarding it so we can match the color of the event head with the body.

      We promise that we will try our best so our customers have more options next time.

      Thank you very much for your precious time and interest.

      We hope you have a lovely weekend. :)
      #4 somaze, Apr 7, 2017
      Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
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    5. Will the FOC heads be available during this time? Or just full dolls?
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    6. I understand too, beautifully and amazingly sculpted pieces of art need time, and I think that everyone will agree with this.
      I will wait more time if it's what you need, I love your works, I really do, and I don't mind waiting more months if that means that I can have my dream doll.

      You can state that who order special skin tone has to wait [number] of months more so that we know in advance and you can work without having to stress for the lack of time, or you can give, maybe in the future for who bought your Rosemii in pink punch, the possibility to buy the other head in the same skin tone.
      Or you already plan to release her again with the option of more heads in the same skin tone?

      I'm not in any way pressuring you about doing anything, I'm just blabbering trying to explain my feelings/opinion about it <\3

      thank you as always for you attention and amazing work <3<3
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    7. Most of the FOC heads will also be available for a week.

      Thank you very much~~~!!! :)

    8. Thank you very much for your such thoughtful suggestions and kind understanding.
      We will definitely consider and do our best next time.

      We do also deeply appreciate everyone for your such great patience and kindness with us.

      We promise that we will keep doing our best
      and we will make things better for everyone. :)
    9. I just have a question - it looks like the AB heads are part of the 7-day event, but not sold separately like the FOC heads. Is there a plan to sell the AB heads as well?

    10. #10 somaze, Apr 11, 2017
      Last edited: Apr 11, 2017