New Doll [Peak's Woods] FOC Vampire Witch & Vampire Wizard_"Wonderfully Wicked"

Oct 23, 2017

    1. <Peak's Woods Halloween Special>

      FOC Vampire Witch & Vampire Wizard_"Wonderfully Wicked"


      Vampire Tristan (vampire fangs & pointy ears)

      Vampire Rosemii (vampire fangs & pointy ears)

      Vampire Dandy Tristan (vampire fangs)

      Vampire Gio Blue (vampire fangs)

      Go to see the promotion pictures : Welcome to Peak's Woods. The Place for Your Dollie Fantasy.

      *Skin Tone



      Moonlight Grey

      Emerald Green

      (Sorry, other skin tone is not available)

      *Layaway Available : Please follow the link regarding our layaway below.

      LAYAWAYNews & Notice - PeaksWoods

      *Ordering Period : October 24 ~ November 6, 2017 (for 14 days)


      :You can purchase any Dandy or Dandy head you want during our Halloween Special Event.
      (Sorry, Dandy Cosmo, Dandy Bella the Moon, Dandy Segi, Dandy Lottie are not available this time)
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