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Peak's Woods "Lady Bee"

Sep 23, 2006

    1. Sadly I'm not seeing the pictures either.

      Exactly the same here! :)
    2. You can see her at Peak's woods' Cyworld club! (Here) She's adorable!
    3. she's lovely. I wonder when she is going ot be available?
    4. I uploaded the main one for those having trouble:


      This is like a dream come true! Peak's Wood makes the most beautiful girls, but SDs are just too big for me, and I wasn't feeling Mori.
    5. Sweeetie *^^*
    6. She is Gorgeous!!!!:D She does look like a Younger Version of my Genevieve:fangirl: How Adorable is she!!!!;)
    7. She's very cute Anthony...are you reaching for your wallet?
    8. Oh, I know some people who will be quite happy to know there's another smaller PW girl.
      This girl is just lovely. I adore the big eyes on PW dolls very much.
    9. She's so sweet! I love Peakswood girls, and I'm so glad they have another mini. :aheartbea With the next Unoa girl preorder so far off, I might just cave and get her!
    10. She's so cute! Now I'm hoping they come out with a smaller one who looks more like Sky. Wait... no... I hope they don't. My pocketbook couldn't take it... ;_;
    11. aww..to die for...so sweet pouting lips..
    12. She is so beautiful.
      Does anyone know the circumference of her neck?
    13. That is soo irritating, I am new but just realized that you have to reduce the length and width way more than you think that you need to. Otherwise, have a nice day. Beep, beep!
    14. I've been falling in love with this girl and Mori... I think I'll end up getting them both one day!!:D
    15. she's gorgeous! she sorta looks like an ani a little bit.
    16. So, I really want Lady Bee, and she's on Dollheart now (yay!) but I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not she comes with a face-up? Dollheart only specifies that she comes with eyes and a wig...

      It doesn't matter *that* much to me, but I think she looks so cute just the way she is! :D
    17. She's a beauty - great face
    18. She kinda reminds me of Betty Boop with the really big eyes, and the little bow lips. X3 She's cute.
    19. I will get one! Either right now or in many, many long months XP