Peak's Woods Mini Discussion Thread

Jun 15, 2008

    1. This is the Peak's Woods owners thread! If you have a PW MSD, please feel free to post pictures and share your dolls with everyone! This is also a discussion thread, so discuss anything and everything related to PW dolls.

      I'm actually very close to getting a Lady Bee. Yay.

      So, who has a doll? Is anyone considering them?

      ~~♡ Welcome to the Peak's Woods >_</ ♡ 어서 오세요 픽스 우즈 입니다 +_+/ ♡ いらっしゃいませ ここはPeak's Woodsです =ㅂ=/ ♡ FOREVER COLORS FAIRY ♡~~


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      Mini Peakswood heads on other bodies:
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    2. Thanks for the link!

      So I heard Luts white body matches PW well?
    3. Can you buy the mini PW heads seperately?
    4. Psychotic, and have them too. At JollyPlus you have the option of a faceup ($350+$40) but at Denverdoll it doesn't look like you have a choice, you pay $400 for the doll with face-up.

      Lethanon, your Mori is so cute. I hope they keep making more FOBs
    5. [​IMG]
      This is my Morimoth...
      She is so cute...^^although I think her face is a little flat

      the eyes are 16mm glass eyes
      wig is from bluefairy:p
    6. I have a Mori Moth, such a lovely face but she really doesn't pose a well as I'd like. I have an old Delf Kid body and the Peaks Wood body isn't anywhere near as flexible in my opinion.
    7. Well, my girls weren't too happy when I spent the evening ripping their heads off :eek:

      Please bear in mind my Kid Delf is the oldskin and the old body.

      The heads look in proportion, the PW neck is slightly narrower than the old KD but not so that there's a big gap. The PW head seems to perch on the KD neck but then the PW neck hole is much shallower than the KD. the KD neck may need a little sanding for a perfect fir but there's no restricted movement, in fact there's at least as much movement if not more with this head swap. Do bear in mind that the new KD body seems to be slightly thinner than the old one but if there isn't too much difference then the hybrid should be fine with a small amount of modding.

      Resin wise it's harder for me to tell because the KD is old and has yellowed. (She's an adopted Elf Ani so I don't know exactly how old she is and she's with her original faceup. Her head is darker than her hands and body.) Looking at the resin colour on the inside of her headcap and allowing for the usual pinkiness of CP resin I don't think it'll match exactly but it looks like minor blushing would do the trick on an older KD body. If you are going for a newer one there may be more difference, on the other hand, you won't worry about yellowing bodies because it should help.

      Hope that helps, I'd post pics but I don't have an indoor set up and the weather here is not conducive to photography. (July and it's raining.:?)

      Even the single jointed KD body is much more poseable than the PW one but I'd be interested to have feedback on a PW/new KD match, or a PW/MNF hybrid.
    8. Thank you so much! <3

      I think I recall seeing a Unoa faceplate on a KD body, with the owner saying the resin is a near perfect match? I've seen a picture of Unoa beside PW and they don't seem to match at all. So I'll still fish around for feedback on the PW/KD hybrid, but thanks for that, Moulin ^^
    9. Here's my Lady Bee. She has little to move movement in her wrists and ankles though, but still, her posing is acceptable and she stands well ^^. Love her.

    10. Custom make-up would be awesome, thanks for the info.

      Minnie <3

    11. I'm curious of what size clothing fit them best. The average sized (volks msd) or slim sized (mnf)?
    12. My Lady Bee and Bluefairy girl seem to wear the same size clothes, and Bluefairies are on the slimmer scale. So I think things that are loose for MNF and Unoa are good for them, Volks is too big if I remember correctly ^^
    13. Hey PW lovers! Wake up!

    14. I believe he is normal skin in the promo pics. Peakswoods white skin is paler I believe.

    15. ^_^ Yay! Congrats! I can't wait to see how he looks with a Bluefairy!

      sea.shells-- I second Lishe's reply. I'm pretty sure he's a normal skin. ^_^ Congratulations on your first doll purchase! He's a cutie!

      I still want him as a girl... XD I can't wait to see owner photos, or photos with different eyes/wigs.
    16. I would rather have him as a girl as well! I wish they had some sort of choice system; where you could pick which head and body you wanted.

    17. That would be fantastic. I guess Fairyland's spoiled me with their a la carte system, even if I haven't used it for gender switching. XD Is there any way to buy just the head? I see options for a body or the different bust options, but not for just the head. That's just plain confusing, considering it's not like they offer a sleeping-head that you might need an extra body FOR. Do you know what I mean?
    18. You can buy the SD sized heads separately (I just got Yami! YAY!). Not sure if you can get the MSD sized heads separately, maybe you should ask?
    19. sea.shells- Congrats ^^

      Is there any comparison photo bewteen PW normal and white skin? I tried searching but I didn't see anything :sweat
    20. Ooh, thanks for the info!! And congrats on your SD-girl! :) I'll have to ask and see. In that case, I guess I should start looking at resin matches, just in case I decide to add Punky Beetle to the family. ;)

      Edit: I see the SD dolls have separate options for the head, but the MSD don't have that listed as one of the things you can buy. XP We'll see.

      limedragon-- The only photo that shows the PW white skin and normal skin together, that I know of, is on the Peakswood homepage, before you choose which shopping mall you want to enter. It shows the three-panel photo of Goldie in her three skin tones: limited tan, normal, and white. That's the best I've found so far. :sweat