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Peak's Woods New Doll, "Pop Moth" Limited Release

Feb 12, 2008

    1. Hello~ This is Peak's Woods.
      Peak's Woods releases FOB limited type boy, Pop Moth for the first time. Pop Moth is the fairy of bug especailly moth. It's the twin of Mori Moth but has different kind of unique charm. Please visit Peak's Woods website, http://peakswoods.net/shop/step1.php?number=675 and take a look at it. We bet it will take your breath away~

      Doll information.

      This is a limited offer,we have only ten fairies.

      We will begin the delivery on the 18th of FEB.


      * FOB Pop Moth Doll (face-up finished)
      * Corsica Doll clothes (blouse,pants,hat)
      * EVER PURPLE company eyes (16mm/9mm)
      * Doll Heart shoes
      * FOB Wigs
      * Special cushions.
      * Certificate of Authenticity.

      [Doll Detail size]

      Height : 42cm
      Length from head to waist : 21cm
      Length from waist to feet : 21cm
      Length of sleeves : 16cm
      Girth of head : 18cm (in : 7)
      Girth of neck : 7cm
      Width of shoulders : 9cm
      Girth of chest : 17cm
      Girth of waist : 15cm
      Girth of hip : 20cm
      Length of foot : 5.5cm
      Eyes : 14~16mm