New Doll [Peak's Woods]New Dolls, Fanta16 & New Websites

Feb 13, 2017

    1. Dear,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.

      Please come and meet PW new dolls from a new line, Fanta16.

      *Fanta16 Stevie
      *Fanta16 Wonder
      *Fanta16 Body
      *Ordering Period : February 14 to March 14, 2017

      Peak's Woods also moved to new websites as follow.

      *English Website : Welcome to Peak's Woods. The Place for Your Dollie Fantasy.
      *Japanese Website : Welcome to Peak's Woods. The Place for Your Dollie Fantasy.

      If you were a PW member, please join us again on our new websites.
      We're trasnfferring your account information now, plus you can earn 10 points just for member joining. :)

      Thank you very much for your precious time and interest in Peak's Woods.

      All the best
      Peak's Woods

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    2. I went to the English site and everything I clicked on said "sold out". Is that going to change? I really love one of the FOB dolls and would love to order her.
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    3. The FOB dolls are being discontinued until further notice.
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    4. Hi I love Peakswoods FOFs and have had several. Their resin and makeup are such high quality. Will these new little Fantas be made the same way and quality (just smaller of course)?
      Also, how long will it take before you start shipping them?
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    5. Thank you very much for your kind question.
      Yes, the quality will be exactly the same but the size. :)
      It will take about 50 to 60 business days before shipping at most though we will do our best for prompt shipping.
      Please feel free to let us know if you have any more questions.
    6. Is there any way to see a photo of them together? And with regular eyes instead of crystal? Thanks!!
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    7. Here is a photo of them together.
      We don't have the pics of them with regular eyes yet,
      but it is a very good idea and we will try to post them as soon as possible. :D

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    8. According to a notice Peak's Woods posted at the end of 2016, the sale of FOB sculpts is temporarily closed (they are not discontinued---big difference). They will become available for purchase again the next time PW releases a new FOB sculpt. :daisy Basically, they are only available during specified ordering periods.

      You can read the full notice here. I hope this helps you and that you're able to get the FOB you want in the future!
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    9. The picture of two babies with glass eyes.
      Sorry, this picture was taken in the dim light with a cell phone camera.

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    10. Can't wait to be able to order Wonder for myself!
      CAn I ask if it's possible to see picture of Emerald Green and Blue Gray resin colours together, next to each others?
      I am struggling to know which one to choose!
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    11. Thank you very much for your question though we don't have them in Blue Grey nor Emerald Green skin....;;;
      We are truly sorry.
    12. Oh its okay, do you have any example of what the skins look next to each other? Doesnt need to be these cuties!
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    13. Thank you very much for your kind understanding. :)
      Please go to the bottom of this page, you will see the skin sample(we don't have the one with Emerald Green skin;;;)).

      FOC Dandy Keith the Prince_Beauty and the Beast in Valentine Punk
    14. So adorable!!!
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    15. Can I see picture of them without wig? ( And permission to use that for mock-upping my future girl? :D )
    16. Hia!

      I just found out that the fob line is being discontinued but I didn't know. I went on the website today to order dotty muse but she isn't available and someone told be she's discontinued so now I'm here. is there any way I can get her? I'm determined to get her, please say they will be back in stock???
    17. I'm not associated with Peak's Woods so I could be mistaken, but from my understanding the FOB line was not discontinued, but rather, the sculpts are only available for order during specific periods. For instance, I remember reading a notice stating that whenever a future/new FOB sculpt is released, all FOBs will be open for preorder, etc.

      So while they are unavailable now, in the future they should be able to be purchased again.

      I hope this helps you. :daisy
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    18. Peaks Woods has almost all orders closed most of the time so they can keep on track with events and keep their processing time and quality up! They're not gone forever, just currently unavailable for purchase.
    19. Thank you very much for the kind question and answers.
      Yes, the answers are right. (Thank you s------o much, PeppermintPocky and Cuteasadoll)
      We will open all the FOB pages when there is a new release in FOB line.
      Thank you very much~~~~!!! :D
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