New Doll [Peak's Woods] New FOF Series, "The Little Prince"

Apr 11, 2016

    1. Dear,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      We'd like to thank you all first for your interest and support toward our new FOF series, "The Little Prince".
      Because it has been quite long since the last FOF release, we also feel very happy and even a little overwhelmed
      that we could finally show off our new FOF dolls to PW friends and fans. :)

      There are 4 babies in this story as follow.

      *Star Prince as the Little Prince
      *Sassy Rosy as the Rose
      *Fox Goon as the Fox
      *Missing Pilot as Saint Exupery
      *In order to celebrate a new FOF release, we are offering Blue Grey, Lavender Pink, Suntan skin to all the FOF basic dolls
      from April 13th to May 13th for a month.

      -Sassy Rosy-

      We believe that you will find more details and information on each promo page and the link below.

      If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us. :)
      We hope you are all having a lovely spring~~~~!!!

      Very best regards
      Peak's Woods

      Go to PW website : - Korean BJD company PeaksWoods shopping mall -
      Go to PW facebook : Peak's Woods
      Go to PW twitter : Peak's Woods (@peakswoods) | Twitter
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    2. Dear,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.

      All the new outfits from our dear friends, Nine9 Style, Sadol, TTYA have been updated.

      - Korean BJD company PeaksWoods shopping mall -

      We hope you enjoy them with our FOF babies~!!! >o<

      Thank you very much~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

      Best regards

      Peak's Woods