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Peak's Woods "Pop Moth"

Mar 13, 2008

    1. New released basic type of FOB Pop Moth:D

      Hello, this is Peak's Woods.

      We've finally released basic type of FOB,
      Pop Moth which had kept you waiting so long.

      It's been already shown as limited type and several doll festivals.
      But this would be the official release of basic type to the public.

      We truly appreciate that you've been waiting and encoursing us for a long time.
      We will always do our best to satisfy your doll-loving.

      This basic type of FOB, Pop Moth is a boy and there will be a girl version of Pop Moth soon.
      Pop Moth is a twin brother of Mori Moth.
      While Mori Moth has a bright and healthy personality, Pop moth is a more vulnerable and delicate style of fairy.
      We can't help wondering how you would feel about this shy boy.

      Thank you very much for your concern for Peak's Woods dolls
      and we promise we will always be there for you as your best freind.

      Have a great day!:aheartbea





      Inclusion item
      Eyes Two pairs of 16mm acrylic eyes. (random) [1pair]
      A pair of cotton cushions. [1pair]
      Certificate of Authenticity

      Doll Detail info
      Height : 42cm
      Length from head to waist : 21cm
      Length from waist to feet : 21cm
      Length of sleeves : 16cm
      Girth of head : 18cm (in : 7)
      Girth of neck : 7cm
      Width of shoulders : 8cm
      Girth of chest : 17cm(18)
      Girth of waist : 15cm
      Girth of hip : 20cm
      Length of foot : 5.5cm
      Eyes : 14~16mm
      Boy Body​