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Peak's Woods resin match

Feb 24, 2007

    1. Hey you guys, I gots a question for ya'll! Does anybody know what company resin might match good with Peak's Woods? I'm planning for a Mori Moth in the far off future, but her chest is....well..practically non-existent? :sweat I just wanna get her a bigger bust piece, because I don't want her to be too young...

      So can anybody help me (and please direct me to a place where I might could get a MSD bust part?)

      And mods, please move it if it's in the wrong place! :sorry
    2. Anyone know? ^o^;;
    3. My bw juri head is on the bw peakswood body. The resin matches perfectly. Does that help?
    4. Actually, yes it does! Do you think that the normal skin might match as well?

      Thanks! :)
    5. I have no idea as I've bever seen a normal skin peakswood.
    6. Lust normal skin is an almost perfect match, but that goes for the bigger Peakswoods and Delf... MNF anf Kid delf are different color than Delf so I don't think they'll mach as good.
    7. I have a Sky that has a Customhouse body that matches perfectly.
    8. My friend has a Mori Moth head in a Volks pureskin body, and she match well ^^. I will report this thread to my friend, I hope she will post photos tomorrow.

    9. I'm that friend. xD

      Well, I'm sorry I can help you with the "more adult look" part, but maybe it can help you to find some more mature body whose resin matches Volks pure skin one. Volks MSD body isn't very mature, I know. ^^U



      I hope this help somehow.
    10. Purple, I do just love your Mori Moth!!!!!!!! XD <333

      Thanks everyone, for your help! I'll keep looking around...I might decide to keep her body, but it's nice to know what matches, just in case! :)
    11. Purple-
      I love your Morimoth too! That wig on her is very cute, did it come with her?
    12. Sorry Madame Bunni. >.< It didn't come to me that you and I had been exchanging PM's. I've just remembered. :doh

      Thanks toydogz4. ^^
      No it didn't. I bought it at Leeke.
    13. Lol That's ok! :D
    14. Purple- Great photos! I just ordered her today. Can't wait to get her off layaway.
    15. Hi Everyone,
      I have a White skin Peak's Woods Goldie Wake UP, and was hoping to buy a Supia's Muriel (head only) to use on my Goldie's body.
      However I was wondering if anyone here knows if Supia's white skin would be a good mach to Peak's Woods white skin...