Peak's Woods Segi

May 20, 2006

    1. I'm supposed to be working, but instead I'm obsessing over another cute boy. :roll:
      I think I need a white Peak's Wood Segi head. However, all of the info I've found on him is at least a year old. Luts was supposed to carry him, but never did. Dollmore doesn't have him now, if they ever did. Is he even still available? I know next to nothing about Peak's Woods as a company. Help! (Thanks in advance.)
    2. Bless You!

      :abow: :aheartbea :whee:
    3. Is a boy body optional? It does'nt say. If not, what would be a good match?
    4. Far as I know, Peakswoods hasn't made a boy body yet. Best match would probably be a CP boys body.
    5. On the Peakswoods Q&A board someone asked whether or not Segi's head would fit on a CP boys body, but the answer was that it would not.
    6. i have a segi head. it does not look good on a cp body or ch body or volks body. the head doesn't sit right and the head is too small really.
      i don't know what type boy body the segi head could use,so i have made mine a girl on a dd body which is more petite.
      the resin is very different the color if you get normal its very peach and really nice but hard to match with anyother company. i have a wake up cue in white and she is very similar to cp white.

      with peakswoods, if i ever get another i will only get a full doll, the match up is so hard on these dolls and the normal resin is quite nice so well worth a whole doll.

      segi looks awesome as a girl btw
    7. I'll definitely get a white one. All of our dolls are white, since we have a lot of hybrids. It's just easier to get away with whites that don't quite match. I'll do some resin comparison when he gets here, and try to remember this thread.
    8. thanx! I luv the segi head, but want it as a boy. I'm going to wait and see about Segi.