Limited Items [Peak's Woods] Summer Event LE_"The Frog Prince"

Jun 30, 2016

    1. <2016 Summer Event >

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.

      Thank you very much for the long wait for our new release, it feels so good to be back. :)
      Peak's Woods will very happily start 2016 Summer Event.
      And here is the information regarding it below.

      - Korean BJD company PeaksWoods shopping mall -

      { FOC LE The Frog Prince }

      *Model :
      FOC Dandy Knox_as the Frog Prince
      FOC Hunky Dory Blue_as the Frog Princess (Half open eyed version of Hunky Dory)
      FOC Hunky Dory_as the Frog Princess

      *A Couple Purchase will be given a free blank head among Dandy Knox, Hunky Dory Blue, and Hunky Dory.
      : Please leave us a name of the head type you want when you place an order.

      *Skin Option :
      1. White
      2. Normal
      3. Suntan
      4. Blue Grey
      5. Lavender Pink

      *Layaway available.

      *Ordering Period : July 2(10:00 am, KOREAN TIME) ~ August 2(6:00 pm, KOREAN TIME), 2016

      We believe that more details and information will be easily found on each promotion page.
      And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests. :)

      Thank you s-o very much for your precious time and interest.
      We hope you have a healthy and wonderful summer~~~~~~~~~~!!!

      Go to PW website : - Korean BJD company PeaksWoods shopping mall -
      Go to PW facebook : Peak's Woods
      Go to PW twitter : Peak's Woods (@peakswoods) | Twitter

      All the best
      Peak's Woods
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