New Doll Peak's Woods SUMMER EVENT, "NEW LE, Alice in Funderfulland + Alice Special"

Jun 20, 2019

    1. 2019 SUMMER EVENT, "NEW LE, Alice in Funderfulland + Alice Special"

      *New Release_"Alice in Funderfulland"

      < FOC >
      • Mimi Crow : as Alice_Alice in Funderfulland
      • Sleepy Mimi Crow : as Alice_Alice in Funderfulland (Sleepy Version of Mimi Crow)
      < FOC Dandy >
      • FOC Dandy Lucid Raven : as the Black Rabbit_Alice in Funderfulland

      *Encore Event, "Alice Special"

      Alice in Wickedland
      : FOC Tristan as Alice, Dandy Tristan as the White Rabbit, Dandy Bella the Moon as the Mad Hatter
      Alice in Twistedland : FOC Rosemii as Black Alice, Dandy Kass as the Black Rabbit, Dandy Kasspio as the Black Wolf Rabbit
      Alice in Fantabulousland : Dandy Gio & Gio Blue as boy Alice, FOC Rosemii & Rosemii Blossom as the White Rabbit
      Alice in Dreamyland : FOC Mona & Dreamy Mona as Alice, Dandy Seize as the White Rabbit

      Face-up shown on each promotional page is available for order~!

      *Re-Open all the FOB pages

      FOB line (full dolls & doll parts including head parts) will be available for order.

      *Available skin tones during 2019 SUMMER EVENT
      • White
      • Normal
      • Lavender Pink
      • Blue Grey

      *Key Information
      • Ordering Period : June 21 ~ July 21, 2019
      • The doll or dolls will be shipped in about 70~100 business days(holidays and weekends not included) from the order confirmation.

      *Layaway Available : Please read a notice regarding our layaway before placing an order.

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      You will find more details and information on each promotion page.
      Please feel free to leave us any questions on our Q & A board below.

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