New Doll [Peak's Woods] Winter Event, 'FOC Limited Edition, Journey to the West Galaxy"

Nov 26, 2019

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      2019 WINTER EVENT, "FOC LE, Journey to the West Galaxy"

      *New Release_"FOC Limited Edition, Journey to the West Galaxy"
      < FOC >

      • Dreamy RED (RED with half-opened eyes)
      < FOC Dandy >
      • Dandy Sena

      *Available SKIN TONES for FOC/FOC Dandy during the Ordering Period
      • White
      • Normal
      • Suntan
      • Blue Grey

      *Key Information
      • Ordering Period : November 28 ~ December 20, 2019
      • The doll or dolls will be shipped in about 70~100 business days(holidays and weekends not included) from the order confirmation.

      *Layaway Available : Please read a notice regarding our layaway before placing an order.
      *The maximum time frame of layaway is 10 months.
      -----> LAYAWAY

      You will find more details and information on each promotion page.
      Please feel free to leave us any questions on our Q & A board below.
      -----> Q & A BOARD

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