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Peak's Woods's Goldie Discussion

Apr 18, 2008

    1. Oh yes, she is quite lovely :D I hope they make her into a basic, once they get their tanning resin formula consistent! Somaze says there mite be other tanned dolls in the future! I would love a tanned sky!:D
      Also, somebody asked if her resin has sparklies. Is this true? I looked at the picture closer, but cant really tell.
    2. Does anyone know the time she is supposed to be released or is it just sometime on the 20th?
    3. Hah, yeah their description "Color,gold is far from normalness and this Goldie also has that quality such as shine and specailty." and the "sparkle" brushes on her photo made me wonder if she actually has sparkling resin or if it's just them talking up her being "gold" or what... XD;

      Gosh, I love Peaks Woods sculpts! :D

    4. Lol, oh yes their description is so dramatic and full of wow! That would be pretty neat if there were actual "sparkles" in her resin; like body glitter. I really like their tan skin color; its not so dark and orange; looks more "natural":love very pretty!
    5. They said she was only going to be 10 tan ones available. ^^
    6. Ohhh, she's adorable in the tan! I like the second version also, but not the third very much at all. It's amazing how different they all look....but man, that tan is beautiful. Too bad she's limited! :(
    7. I'm so sad... tan version limited to 10?

      T__T She's too gorgeous~~
    8. Doesn't she look like an older Morimoth? I love the white skinned brunette.
    9. The lightest skin is my favorite! I want to bring her home...maybe before Sky. Peaks woods is an amazing underrated company. I love their dolls!
    10. She is amazing! :D First tan girl I like so much, not so dark and not so light. IDEAL! I think I am in love! :) :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    11. I just ordered a tan one. Too gorgeous - and with only 10 of them, I didn't want to take a chance. And the amazing Lilykoi will be doing her faceup! I'm so unbelievably excited!
    12. I will be also a proud owner of Goldie tan ver, soon :) I have ordered her two days ago :) I am soooo happy :fangirl:
    13. I wonder who else on this board snapped one up besides us? Did you get one Anthony?
    14. Well I just found out about her and I did snap up a tan one. I then tried to check to see how many were left by putting various numbers in the quantity box. I started at 10 and went down 1 each time. The only amount available to order was 1, so I am assuming there is only 1 left available now. All larger numbers said:

      FOC Goldie Limited ver. Suntan
      Quantity in not enough.
    15. Yeah, I did that yesterday, and there were only 2 left. Only 1 left! I'm so glad I got mine when I did, to be safe. Does anyone know how long peaks woods takes to ship?
    16. Congrats to everyone who got a tanned girl :) cant wait to see pics!!
      I was wondering, are there any nude pics of the large bust body any where or the regular bust body? I couldnt find it on the Peaks wood site....
    17. Hello Katie my Darling!!!! I wish I could afford to get this girl, but unfortunately for me, between my recent dolly splurges and the upcoming NYC Dolpa I just don't have the budget:(..... So I'm going to have to enjoy her through all of you who were LUCKY enough to snatch this little beauty:aheartbea..... I adore Peakswoods dolls. Thier bodies and resin are just LOVELY:love And this skin tone looks so fresh, and Golden:sweat... Can't wait to see these girls though pictures!!!
    18. Don't worry Anthony - I will spam my lovely girl all over the board so you can appreciate her! And you will have to show off all of your Dolpa purchases!
    19. Well that's just a deal I CAN NOT refuse:sweat.... Keep me in your prayers that I win an SD16 girl Amelia One off that I can SPAM all over the place:love... Ohhh that would be reason enough for me:aheartbea