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Peakswood Xmas Event and FOC new bust option

Nov 17, 2009

    1. Discussion Thread "http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=337158"

      Xmas promotions are over and all sold out.

      6 th Anniversary Celebration Sale
      1.If you purchase one full FOC doll, you can choose one free head either FOC or FOB type heads.
      2.If you purchase one full FOB doll, you can choose one free head among FOB type heads.
      3.Bitten body(torso with bite marks on the neck) has been released as a standard option.
      (You are able to purchase this option as a set with any FOC doll or separately.)
      4.All the FOC, FOB heads,and FOB bodies have been released.
      5.Every customer who's already ordered in November through Peakswoods website will be offered one free
      head with the same conditions above. (Emails regarding this information will be sent individually)
      The most exciting is the free heads and you get a choice unlike most companies that send a random head.

      Thank you very much for your precious time and enjoy in the Peakswoods.
      Edit: This is a Peakwood website only promotion No other dealers will be participating.

      Here is the link
      Peakswood is also offering a FOC bust part with vampire bite marks like what was offered with the Bitten Collection Goldie.
      The bitemark option can be used with regular doll order or separately. It comes in normal bust only and not limited.
    2. Are the fang marks sculpted in or is it just special make-up?
    3. Chehime they are sculpted in the mold then you have the option to have them left blank or painted. I currently own two from Bitten and they are really cool.
      Peakswood has put up additional photos to show the sculpted bite marks and what they look like blank.
      I added some photos from Peakswoods site. :)
    4. anyone know who the doll is in the picture?
    5. Which photo are you referring to? The doll with the bitemarks is a ws Wakeup Goldie the doll biting her is a NS(she could be a tan one its hard to tell) Wake up Godlie and the dolls in the Xmas event is Hucky.
    6. Does it say anywhere, how long they will be selling the bitten bust part?

      Thanks so much for the heads up, Tsukidoll! :)
    7. It does not I am also trying to find out if this will be a option for a full doll purchase instead of having to purchase the additional bust.
    8. Does anyone know exactly what this means? What is "the other costume"?
    9. I think if you buy the limited Hucky, you can buy the outfit + wig that Leekeworld Honey is wearing and vice versa so you have 2 outfits/wigs with your 1 doll. But you can't buy the outfits separately (without getting a doll). :)
    10. Thanks for checking this out for us, Tsukidoll.
      Rosella, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for deciphering that for us.
    11. I spoke with Pan and she said the bitten neck part is not limited. Yeah, I want all my girls to have that. I am hoping for a den of vampire brides, no groom lol oh, sorry mods I forgot no convo in the news section.
      There will be another doll for the Xmas promotion I believe they will be releasing him/her today.
    12. Yahoo!!! Thanks so much, Tsukidoll! I will be watching for the other release as well. Thanks for keeping us posted.

      Maybe we should start a discussion thread...
    13. Great idea.
      Discussion Thread

      Pan said they are also releasing another tan doll for Xmas I dont know who yet but I will up date the first post when they do. Thanks
    14. More news in the first post. Punky Beetle Tan version coming out and free head event for Peakswoods 6th Anniversary.
    15. The news post was kind of confusing; Is it one free head for anyone if you buy a full doll, and then a second if you've purchased from them before november?
    16. No, I'm pretty sure that they mean - if you've purchased a doll in Nov., but before the event was announced you get one head anyway - because they don't want those people to feel left out because they ordered early.
    17. Oh, okay, just checking. Thank you, haha.

    18. Well, If you purchased a doll from Peakswood in November they will give you a free head but if you buy another full doll during the Xmas promotion I imagine they will give you another free head since it is two separate orders.
      I email Denver doll to find out if the promotion extends to ordering from them and Shannon said she will email me with that information once she has it.

      The website now has the free head selector up. I like how they did this so easy to select what you want.
    19. Great! I was wondering about Denver Doll, too. I hope they are participating.
    20. Wendy just emailed me and said this is a Peakwood website only event. So you must order from Peakwood didrectly to receive the free head offer. Now the Xmas Hucky is being sold other places as well as on Peakwoods site.