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PeaksWoods [Limited Edition] Alice in Wickedland dolls

Oct 22, 2011

    1. Well, I'm quite excited to see elf ears on Rabbit Goon! Some time ago I pestered PW with questions about a FOF with elf ears and finally they made one ^^. Actually, I asked about a possible release of a FOF Lady Bee with elf ears because I love her sculpt (but MSD is too big for me). I will probably not order a Wickedland doll but those elf ears make me happy and hopeful for a future Lady Bee elf release as FOF.
    2. Oh! I still need a rabbit for my growing wonderland collection!! I think this one would be perfect!! >_< I really like the ears of the limited Cheshire but honestly nothing else about it, but luckily I already have the DD-Anne Cheshire. I may see if I can snag just the ears though...