Pear shaped dolls, esp re Mikhala

Oct 15, 2016

    1. so I have a couple pear shaped dolls, and I've usually gotten away with summer dresses for them, tight on top, but then loose and wavy for the summer. My Leeke World Mikhala has been in lingerie since I got her, but with winter coming I want to dress my girls in something more seasonally appropriate! But how the heck do I do that?! Their torsos are so tiny, she can wear a Blythe shirt, but then those hips man, whamo, they're wider than my msds, but because she's so squat her legs are too short to wear pants made for them. Does anyone else have any Mikhalas (or DC bc they have the same super wide hip to tiny torso ratio) and have any suggestions on how I should be dressing her if I want to give her pants? :( right now she's wearing her big sisters dress and it's just falling off her *sigh*
      I'm not on the marketplace yet so I dunno if this is an asnswer I could find once I got on there, but I figured there's got to be others not on Marketplace that have the same problems finding wide-butted-yosd-ish pants
    2. Wow there's a lot of niiiice clothes there! Bookmarked for sure! Unfortunately Mikhala's hips are crazy big and wouldn't fit in any of those pants. Lemme see if I can include a pic of her Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    3. @QuincyArcher nattherat suggested Kawakana Style on Etsy because you can select "Leeke Art" size pants and leggings when ordering. You can go to a listing and check the size you want. That way they will be specifically made for Leekeworld Mikhaila's size.

      You're correct, you will absolutely need to purchase pants made for her size because of her proportions, but there are a handful of shops on Etsy offering clothing for that size. I hope you can find something you like.
    4. Oh wow, nice I didn't realize that! Alrighty then, baby getting some pants!
    5. Another cute option imo would be long skirts, or skirts with leggings underneath!

      I see a lot of people irl rocking skirts in the fall and winter, so I think it'd be a cute look!

      And if you have a pair of leggings that don't quite fit her, you can hide it under the skirt and nobody will know but you! :p
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    6. I made a dress on commission for a Mikhala; she required a Yo-SD size bodice and SD size bloomers. O_o;