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Pear Shaped Trend....how do you feel?

Dec 21, 2011

    1. For a few months now there's been an increasing number of pear-shaped dolls I've been seeing that non-artisan doll makers have been making. My guess would be in an effort to make them more "unique" or artisan looking? When I'm talking about pear shaped trend I don't mean normal shape but the REALLY exaggerated shape.

      Perhaps some of these have already been around but I just missed them before (well, some I know for certain are newer....)

      By pear shaped I mean dolls with really wide hips (ridiculously wide....). Not dolls like EID girls because they're more hourglass shaped even though they do have large hips, I'm talking the artistically disproportionate type. (since we already have the ridiculously big and perky boob thing going on!)

      Sculpts that are REALLY pear shaped:

      - Leeke World Mikhala
      - AOI Tuki bodies
      - Doll Chateau (boy and girl bodies)
      - some of the custom GO bodies on here
      - Unoss

      Can you think of any more? Also what are your thoughts and feelings on them? I know some people fall over backwards in adoration of them while others are "over it".
    2. I, personally, am not a fan of them at all. I'm all for heavier female dolls, but the pear shape just doesn't do it for me. If the waist and bust were proportionate with the hips and thighs, I'd probably love the idea, but I just don't like the unrealistically tiny bust on a such a big bottomed doll. I'm much more attracted to a large bust, but even that has it's limits for me.
    3. I myself am kind of pear-shaped. xD I'm just a fat pear-shape. And I like the unrealistic exaggeration of the silhouette they have. I especially love Doll Chateau' s body. I think they're beautiful.
    4. I find them cute and amusing, though they're too much like my own figure, LOL! Currrently I have no plans to add any of those sculpts to my resin crew, but, never say never... ;)
    5. Aoi Tuki and Unoss have been around for years, they're just rather rare.
    6. I knew UNOSS was older but I saw an AOI TUKI at a doll meet in October and was like "What the heck is that company?", plus I know it's just one girl in japan who just casts on demand xD...

      Ok now for my opinion xD

      I'm an hourglass shaped female (with meat on me but still I'm happy i'm not a pear....) so maybe that's why I don't like the shape that much...minus doll chateau..

      I personally like it best in Anthros, I've seen a few artists who make really gorgeous ones, but on the human dolls it's not my thing... I think they just look weird with clothing on....
    7. I like some of them more than others. For instance, I like Doll Chateau a LOT. They are more stylized - they have those twig-like arms and legs that I think are awesome; it makes them seem like out of a fairytale and otherworld-y.
      For the more realistic ones like Leeke Mikhaila, I am not so keen on them - their arms, upper torsos and lower legs look realistic, but the way they merge the big pear bottom to the rest does not strike me as realistic enough, nor are they unrealistic enough for my tastes.
    8. I like small bust and wide hips, but some of them are kinda scary, like Leeke World's art body ;; I loovvveeee Doll Chateau bodies though :aheartbea

      Edit: Exactly what AirimirOfGondor said :"D.
    9. Not my thing. Don't like looking at them at all.
      I only collect boy dolls, so hips are a sorta feature-non-grata around here anyway. :XD:
    10. Um, excuse me, but the Unoss is NOT pear shaped. Masamichi got mine for me back in the day when Volks made them.

      Chest = 22.5cm
      waist = 16.5cm
      HIPS = 26cm
    11. I like the pear shaped dolls, but they seems to lend themselves more toward a very specific style. Leekeworld Mikhala looks adorable in bell shaped lolita dresses and poofy skirts, but very very strange in pants ><. Though since I have a similar shape (Though not so extreme, and more close to a large hour glass in certain outfits) I find I also look better in skirts than pants. Though that could also be my preference haha
    12. I like it with DC's dolls. Any other bodys I haven't really liked when it comes to the pear shaped thing.
    13. I generally like the pear shape, in both dolls and real women. I always wished I had a bigger butt. So this trend is right up my alley.
    14. Totally hate them. My doll collecting is all about fantasy - thin whispy fairies, women that can wear clothing that I would love to wear in real life. Why would I want a doll with the same features I despise on myself?
    15. I absolutely adore it. Though, it took the Doll Chateau dolls for me to REALLY fall for it. I LOVE their bodies. The female body especially blows me away, though I love how kind of sensual it makes the male body. Because of the DC dolls I bought, I ended up buying the Leekeworld Art Body as well, just with an OT head. :D I hope it'll lead the way to more body sculpting variety but, then again, I think the reason these dolls are so popular at the moment, besides the fact they are new, are because they aren't QUITE an accurate representation of the pear shape. In a way, they are almost fantasy-like, especially the DC dolls. Either way, I really do love them. Though, to be honest, I'm not sure I'd want to see EVERYONE start doing it. I love them now but I don't want to get sick of them.
    16. I like them as I'm shaped that way myself....small ribcage, small waist, big hips.

      I could totally see getting a DZ moment body for a future doll!
    17. Not something that interests me, I dont dislike nor like it! I think it would be harder getting clothing for the pear shaped dolls I imagine.
    18. I'm not terribly into girl dolls at any rate, but I can't see myself ever getting one of these pear-shaped dolls. I'm pear-shaped myself, and I don't buy dolls that resemble me in any way. I also find some of them are a more extreme mixture of child and adult than is usually seen in BJDs. I don't care for large-breasted dolls, either.
    19. I think it really depends on the doll...

      Doll Chateau's body is so different in their very lanky form and the pear shape is a lot more artistic and sublte that I like it a lot more then any pear-shaped doll I have ever seen.
      If you look at pictures of Mikhala and DC Bella next to each other, it's very extraordinary how different they are.

      When I first saw DC's dolls I really liked them for their pear shape, but now that I saw comparison with the extreme (Mikhala), I really do not see why they should be in the same category xD
    20. The more exaggerated the 'pear' shape, the more I shy away from it.

      I enjoy cartoons and playing with proportion, size and shape. However, I can't stop myself from expanding beyond the mere aesthetics and thinking about the cultural implications of a doll with very exaggerated features.

      i.e. thinking about a doll with impossibly large breasts from an 'artsy' standpoint vs. a 'cultural' standpoint. Artistically, I think the proportions don't work and that the doll should fall over. Culturally, it comes across to me as highly sexual and a bit offensive - thou I am well aware that my opinion is very much based on my personal life experiences and has nothing to do with the intent of the doll company or the owner.

      So, when I look at a doll like the Leeke Mikhala, I can't help but wonder about the child-rearing aspect of having large hips, and what her sad face implies about that. She is far from being a 'fat' doll.

      Doll Chateau - very interesting silhouette again, but my mind veers towards thinking about super models or people who are underweight or who have medical conditions. However I also think about Aeon Flux, a cartoon show that used to come on MTV, so I connect the bodies with feelings of being dark and twisted.

      I think its fun that ABJD are becoming more 'artsy' and increasing in variety.