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Penis: Coming Soon

Feb 22, 2011

    1. Ok this is probably going to be declared off-topic (I hope not since I really want one) but nobody's posted it yet. I figured somebody has to. Here you go, the new Impldoll tiny, Penis. :sweat
    2. ...His name..is..

      -dies laughing-

      Edit: Okay -stops laughing- I do hope he gets to be on-topic.. But I don't think he will be. ;-;
    3. OMG! Laugh with you
    4. Holy nuts. i want they teeny tail D:
    5. LoooooooooL i can´t stop laughing:lol:

      I want one!
    6. this would've been a brilliant april fools' doll like that one someone did last year. considering the pic's photoshopped to hell, it's hard to tell whether he'll be on topic or not.
    7. I-I can't even. *dies laughing*

      I kind of want one though! Partly for the fact that he looks pretty neat, and partly for the fact that I think him and my OrientDoll Dong would get along well. xD

      I can't wait to see his face.
    8. Person 1: Hey, cool doll! What kind is he?

      Person 2: Oh, he is a Penis from Impldoll.

      Person 1: o.O;;

    9. REMEMBER, KIDS: No chatting in News threads! Please make a discussion thread. ;)
    10. LOL dies laughing with you !!

      That's an unique design! ^_^; An unique name too LOL
    11. Rather interesting sculpt, but definitely an unfortunate name.
    12. Oh there are SO many jokes to be had... Oh sorry... but I'm not chatting in the thread, I'm HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER in the thread!
    13. Poor Impldoll, they probably don't even realise. Should they be told? xD
    14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sorry..someone should really tell them >3<!! The titling 'Penis: Coming soon' no chatting?, buzz this is so funny XD..
    15. Discussion thread for Penis here!
    16. oh they never did lol!!! they did oh what a name - good for a laugh though

      the photos look really nice - im sure impldoll do not relise the meaning of his name in other countries!
    17. Locking this thread as we don't know yet whether Penis will be on-topic. :wiggle