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people help me figure out what sculpt is this

Jan 27, 2009

    1. found this at http://tensiya.com/2004_en/index.htm?mode=about_berman&a=4.
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Anu didn't give any information about her dolls in the site. so i am like crazy figuring out what sculpt this doll is.

      i love the smile/smirked etched in his face. it's perfect! is he an msd? if not are there similar msd sculpts to this? heeeeelp!
    2. The first pic makes me think of Volks FCS F-17 (old f-29),F-17 at angelden.net, but that's not an MSD..
    3. thanks for the info! saw the link. hmm, that's too bad if he's not an msd. . .
    4. hello, if you look at the clothing section, it says the jacket he is wearing is SD.. so, I am assuming that doll is also an SD, not an MSD.

      my first impression of him is a Minifee Shiwoo. The eyes and mouth are shaped differently, but with strong make-up.. they will probably look a lot more similar if the make-up is softer... and they have the same "aura" in my opinion... http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=61
    5. *slaps forehead* i didn't see that one.:sweat i was so engrossed about the doll. heehee hmm, minifee shiwoo... could be. but as you said the mouth and eyes are a bit different. maybe just the mouth. and a little on the eyes. the shiwoo's also got a bit of a strong personality. thanks for the info nurie!