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People influencing what doll you buy?

Jan 14, 2009

    1. Ok so first off i dont know were this would go. Second i dont know if there's something like this already....anyway....

      So i was talking to a friend how in the far away future I was planing on buying a Luts El.

      They replied saying along the lines of "There's already enough of those around you should get a diffrent doll...there are to many El's around."

      Now i just kinda nodded and gave it some thought....But no it kinda irked me!

      I know there are a lot of El's around. But i know mine will be diffrent from the others! I think he's an amazing sculpt....and well now after this...I notice all the threds with Els in them...I began to rethink what i want...But enough about me!

      Tell me has any one ever steered you away from a dream doll?

      Did you end up getting it after said person said there were alot of them already out there?

      How was you reaction to this?

    2. No, I buy what I like--I don't care if something is popular or not or what my friends think. Choosing a doll is a personal decision, since it's for my own enjoyment. It's not something someone else can choose for me.
    3. Not really.... I might be influenced by owner pics, but that's more of a research thing than an influence thing.

      Frankly, I just don't know enough people who would try and influence my decision like that. The people I do know that care about my dolls are all pretty mellow, and we all just do our own thing when it comes to which dolls we buy/sell and whatever.
    4. I go at it the opposite way. I look at a lot of new dolls with :D:aheartbea:thumbup, so to (somewhat) contain myself, I actively solicit someone to play devil's advocate and talk me down. It "helps" if that person actually doesn't care for the doll in question, of course. I do a similar thing for new outfits and accessories, or anything nonessential really.

      The strength of the WANT does drop substantially after this, which is exactly the point of the exercise. It's how I am trying to keep my overall doll population low, by only getting the few that can survive this treatment.
    5. Yeah i agree with you all i am still planing on buying him...I mean those are like the first doll i ever saw...
    6. There's a reason El is popular, and I don't blame you for wanting one, he's just delish!
      And don't let anyone talk you out of what you love. Wait, look around, be patient, but do what suits *you* after all's said and done.
      These dolls cost a lot of dosh. There's no reason to spend that money on a doll you're not head over heels for!

    7. I haven't had anyone say anything to me about it, but I have noticed that most of the ones on my wishlist are very, very common. DZ Mo, DZ Hid, MNF Shushu and Shiwoo, DoD Kirill and Ducan - all plentiful around here. The only more-or-less uncommon one is Dolkot Day, and I suspect that has more to do with the company's review thread than the sculpt itself. For most things in my life, I DON'T like what is super-common, but for dolls, I get what I love and is perfect for the character I'm creating. I could totally see someone saying "Why don't you get something less common?" to me, but I have to get what works for the character AND that I love, common or not.
    8. When I want to buy something I think it thru and then I ask someones opinion, but if I really got my mind to it I do not care what everyone says and I will do what I was thinking of doing :C

      And why should it bother that there "is too many off them out there" ?

      If you really want it get it, but if you are too much in doubt ... wait :)
    9. Wow. Some people--please listen to your Editor! (sadly Editor is non-existant for most people!!!)

      It is, as everyone has said, a personal decision about which doll to buy. Others should pretty much STFU regarding what their friends shouldn't buy (hey, they can try to steer their friend towards something they think might work for them, but to knock a person's choice is just mean and rude. Yeah, rudeness doesn't seem to matter to some people but it SHOULD).

      I buy all my dolls without consulting my friends. Heheh. I need to live with the decisions, not my friends!!! I don't want to start feeling bad about my choices just because someone can't control their comments. (And I would feel bad, but then I'd probably also feel very annoyed and go ahead and get what I originally wanted. But I'd start to question "friends" who would make me feel bad about what I liked, even if I ignored them in the end.)

      I love Els, personally... But even if I didn't, I'd be seriously annoyed at people who would say thoughtless things like that.

      Also, certain dolls are popular for a reason. Should we stop buying a doll just because other people like them, too? That's kind of crazy... (and a bit snobby).

      I can't stop talking! Heheh.

      1. People getting tired of looking at popular sculpts--
      Well, this can matter. But for some reason, it doesn't bother me. I actually will look at endless El postings... or Sards... or any doll I have. I'm curious to see what others do with 'em. And I've discovered that even with dolls that are pretty much EXACTLY like mine, they all STILL look different when people get them home and play about with them. Even full-sets... the way people photograph them and pose them can make them different. That kind of thing delights me, actually... How each doll becomes an individual even if they have default makeup and clothes! However... if small differences really bug you and you want something extremely different, then either do a lot of modding or choose a rare sculpt and still do a lot of modding...!

      2. Friends or family hating your choice--
      This can be awkward, too. I don't care that much, since I'm the into the dolls, not them, but I can see that it could be a problem. But I think that if your friends are truly friends and if your family loves you, they will understand... and most will leave off the criticism and just accept your choice... and maybe come to like your choice. Those who are rude will maybe always be rude. And you can deal with it or tell them to please knock it off in your presense... and maybe they will! Or you'll find ways to understand that that's the way they are and maybe you'll figure out how to deal with both them and your like of your doll. Or just keep them separate! It's still a personal decision. I guess some people will try to make their friends and family happy and compromise... but they should do it only if they can still be happy with their decision. For me--I don't care what anyone else says, so I don't have a problem, but YMMV.

      3. Getting a doll that is similar to a "famous" doll or a friend's doll--
      This doesn't worry me, either. My first doll was a sculpt that was also bought by several of my friends! (without consulting or talking about it) I was happy that we had similar (good, of course!) taste! :D
      "Famous" dolls (dolls that people know about, that are popular dolls, etc.)... I don't let this bother me, either. If I see a doll I fall in love with (among friends or online or whereever), I don't see why I should AVOID getting that sculpt if it works for me. It's almost impossible to duplicate a doll, to my mind (given the stuff I've mentioned above--every owner changes the doll a bit, even if it is a full-set!). I don't think I could duplicate someone's doll even if I had their exact faceup and exact outfit! They really are very distinct--or at least the way I view them. Others, I guess, could say "all those Els--or whatever--look alike"--but I really don't see that at all. Of course, it could bother some people. Again, it's up to the individual, I think. But I'd say that they shouldn't let it bother them if they really like the sculpt!
    10. I think my dream doll is just a little under appreciated...
      But, I guess people kinda do influence what I want, but not in literally telling me. I actually try to avoid really popular dolls because after seeing them so often, I get sick of seeing them. o3o; Thankfully though, most of my favorite dolls aren't super common...except for a choice few that are quite well liked such as DoD T. Shall or CP Yder.

      I admit though, I am guilty of saying to my friends that "such-and-such" mold is everywhere on DoA...one of them being El. However! I do like El! I just personally wouldn't want one. ^^;
    11. I've had a certain friend *coughtasucough* who influences some of the dolls I buy. I ask for her opinion though and she knows my tastes in dolls pretty well. It's nice to have a friend who helps you try to find a doll that suits one of your characters~
    12. My friends and I often do not see eye to eye about dolls, so I'm used to a little criticism and jokes at my expense. ^^; They usually change their minds once they see my doll and what I've done with it, so if you like a sculpt, don't let friends dissuade you! El is beautiful.

      Come to think of it though, my friends are a bunch of enablers. They are quick to say 'BUY!' about any potential new purchase, even if they don't like it. I actually can't imagine their telling me not to buy a doll.
    13. Hmm I try not to let other's influence my doll buying decisions! But if it's someone I care about and who I feel knows me pretty well, I don't discount their opinions, but over all, they're not going to change my mind :)

      My boyfriend is trying to influence my next purchase though! I have my heart set on an Abadon, but he wants me to get a different doll to model after an original character of his... guess he's just too afraid to get into dolls himself!
    14. This just happened to me. A friend kept trying to talk me out of buying Segi, saying I'd soon get bored with her. Well, I'd wanted her for nearly a year so I highly doubt if that'll happen any time soon. Of course, I bought her & completely adore her. What others' say really has no bearing on what I buy. You have to be true to yourself & go with what you love.
    15. My friend tried to (rather rudely) talk me out of buying my first doll, though she shut up once I told her straight up that I didn't appreciate having her call something I liked "a waste of money". Especially since she herself is an avid gamer and spends god knows how much on games, platforms, and manga.

      Then I got her to go out to a meet with me.... Before my guy came in. Well, she's saving for a doll of her own now (and according to her calculations, the manga she owns is equivalent in cost to the doll she wants. So. She was quite the hypocrite.) :lol:

      With my second guy, I consulted my family members because I couldn't choose between a Bory and another sculpt; later I also asked them about wig colour and eye colour. They're not into dolls too much, though I think they like my Michael.

      Sometimes I ask people for opinions, though sometimes it sways me to do the opposite of their suggestion. (Oh and, I definitely don't care about how "popular" a mold is. I'll only have one of it, so, who cares what everyone else has?)
    16. There's a lot of EVERY doll! Who cares if you have the same sculpt as someone else? It'll be YOURS! That's what is most important. Especially since you're the one who's going to be customizing them. It's the work put into your dolls that makes them different. Just because the sculpt is the same, doesn't mean that the doll is the same. :)
    17. I think it goes without tooooo much saying (I hope) that you should get what you like :)

      I often show doll photos of this or that sculpt to my boyfriend to see what he thinks of them. I always like to know his opinion, and if I'm honest, should he really dislike the sculpt I would give it second thought as to whether I'd add it to my wishlist or not. We live together and I'd hate to think that he'd dislike any of my dolls :( But usually I just have to show him varying photos... usually it's just the face-up he doesn't like too much, haha~ It took ages to get him to come around to understanding Volks Williams. But he does now ^_~
    18. Firstly I would say the same as everyone else, if you like the doll then how many out there shouldn't matter. Your friend isn't the one to live with the choice at the end, you are, so make sure you get something you're happy with.

      Generally people's opinions don't influence my choice that much, owner photos however do sway my opinion on a doll to whether I would buy it or not. I like looking at owner photos to see what I would be getting to help me decide.

      Most of my dolls... are popular kinds, only 2 I think aren't so popular but I like them regardless (and El's are fab, he's really gorgeous) But I have found, if I see another person's doll, I'm rarely going to end up buying said doll. It's like I've seen the mold already in real life I don't need to own... or at least that happened with a lot of dolls on my list.
    19. I bought dolls that I like but sometimes I tried to avoild buying dolls which my friends already have :DD
    20. I've looked him up and he's very pretty :) I can see why he's popular: why is it that, in he world of possession, popular can be interpreted as a bad thing? I mean, you wouldn't go for the bread roll that no one else seems to be buying, would you? :P

      I've ordered my first dolls, and all three have been very popular looking at the waiting thread, but am I thinking I should have bought different dolls? Nope, I'm just thinking what's similar and what's different about them all :)

      It's a personal preference I guess :P Unless you'll be in a situation in the future where you can't pick your doll out from 10 other El's, I doubt you need to worry :) I really like him.