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People misspelling your doll names

Aug 9, 2011

    1. Hey! I've been wondering about the misspelling of the name of dolls. Here on DoA, I frequently find people who misspell my dolls' name, and I'm not sure how to feel about it! Surely once can happen, but if the same person makes the same mistake a number of times I'm starting to wonder whether it was a typo or not. I'm wondering if there are other people who had this happen!

      So, if this has happened to you, how do you feel when people misspell the name you've chosen so carefully for them? How do you respond to it, if you do?

      Sorry if there has been a thread like this before, feel free to remove if necessary.
    2. I don't have so much of an issue with people spelling my names as I do with people saying them right. (Amir is "a-MEER", not "AH-meer" or "AYE-meer", Mikko is "MICK-o", not "MEE-ko", etc) A first time mistake is understandable, but after so long correcting it, I just start getting annoyed. I know with unusual names or spellings (ex. My sister's boy Kallen, pronounced like Collin, not Kaylin or CAL-in), it's easy to mess up, but it's also not hard to learn, unless it's like 14 syllables and 35 letters. lol

      The biggest issue I've had with spelling a doll's name wrong is Blake's last name, Keroac. Is it pronounced like the writer, Jack Kerouac? Yes, it is. Is it spelled the same? No, it's not. Why? Because I screwed up when I first named him and spelled it wrong. And by the time anybody actually pointed this out to me, a year had gone by and I wasn't going to change it. So...he just gets an alternate spelling. Which means as much as he would like to be, no he's not related. lol
    3. I dont think you can take it personally, to be honest people spell my own name incorrectly and pronounce it wrong daily! Sometimes it can get on my nerves, but it just needs to be shrugged of and correcting people can sometimes be seen as snobery or snotty. All you can really do is just say thank you Bob is great or what ever the name is and hope they notice the mistake. I do try to check the names used on here for dolls and users before posting replies though :)
    4. I have friends who don't even remember the names they give their own dolls, so I don't really care if they don't remember how to spell mine. for that matter, I have dolls with names I can't even remember how to spell and sometimes have to look up (especially with mold names).

      And don't forget typos...how can you blame someone for an accident? I had about fifteen typos in this one sentence!! If I wasn't so crazy about fixing them, you might not have been able to read this....

      I don't expect the entire world to remember the dolls I own, let alone the names that I give them, so misspelling does not bother me at all (unless it's so bad I don't know who their referring too lol but even then I just kind of ignore it and hope they're not expecting an answer or wait for clarification). It does help however that 1/3 of my collection all have the same name, and it's hard to misspell with only four letters XDD
    5. Most of mine are relatively common and easy names. I have had a few instances where people spelled Spencer as "Spenser" but quickly caught on and fixed it.

      The ones I have issues with are my elves. Amrynn and Ginaphae. And not so much with the spelling as the pronunciation. It's Am-rin, not am-RIN, Ahm-rin, etc. But my girl the one who gets it the most. I tell people all the time, it's JIN-ah-fay. Not that hard. They still insist on shortening it and calling her Gina (Jean-ah). No. Not Gina. Not even close. And she hates her name being shortened by anyone but those closest to her (bffs or bfs only). But they still insist on calling her Gina or Jean-ah-fay. *eye roll*
    6. Doesn't phase me probably because I'm so used to people messing up MY name. I even get "Lori" sometimes from people who have never ever met me in person. It's not like they've heard someone say my name and assume that "L O R I" is the spelling, so I honestly scratch my head. I'm actually used to it.

      There was once a lady who used to call me "Marsha" all the time (I guess I looked like someone she knew named Marsha) and I got so sick of correcting her, that I'd just answer her. It got to the point that I would respond when someone said the name "Marsha." I know. That's bizarre. LOL I guess Marsha is my alter ego or split personality.

      So---as far as my dolls go--and many of my dolls have exotic names, I don't expect people will remember them or even spell them correctly.
    7. I gave myself trouble by naming Henessey different from the alcohol- only one N! Now every spellcheck thinks it's wrong, but it feels right to me.

      I think you should be more flattered that people are talking about your dolls, and less worried about how they spell the names!
    8. XD I think what I am experiencing is not people misspelling my boys' names but me myself doing the mistake*slaps forehead*
    9. Well, being that my own name seems to get people confused spelling and saying wise I'm use to it. I mean my name has probably been spelled and pronounced more then I can count with my hands. >.< Saying that it doesn't really bother me...but that is how Koriel became a Steve. (Long story lol)

      So yeah...it doesn't bother me. But, people I've known for years still say my name wrong...some people just can't pronounce syllables >.< I'm sure they're not doing it on purpose (and maybe some are).

      ...And maybe sometime the people are spelling it right but the spell check tells them otherwise and they fix it! I know I always want to do that...but darn it Koriel and Mokuba are spelled correctly no matter what spell check thinks! ^.^'
    10. I don't really have problems with misspelled doll names since mine are all pretty easy names, along with quite a few recognizable characters (as in, I have many dolls whom I've customized after anime and game characters) so people GENERALLY don't get them wrong. But I do have serious problems with my own name. It's Italian, and so pretty much every person I meet pronounces it wrong T____T I think maybe 1 or 2 teachers in my entire educational experience have actually pronounced my name right the first time. And many, MANY people continue to mispronounce my name after I tell them. I just don't get it! What's so difficult about the name Francesca? DX
    11. Nah, wouldn't bother me. Most of my crew have rather common names spelled exactly how they should be spelled with the exception of one, Issac (two "s" instead of two "a"s.) If you get it wrong no skin off my nose.

      Heck, I get it all the time with my own last name. I don't even bother to pronounce it I just go right to spelling it out for people. My first name too. For some reason people call me Stephine, instead of Tiffany. I know they sound the same but still.
    12. your exemples are too subtle for me :sweat I don't really make emphasis on any syllables. so I just don't get what's the difference between AH-meer & a-MEER .__. so it's very much my kind to mispronounce dolls' names! xD I even pronounce my own doll's name wrong! Aiden. should be I-den but I say it ay-den :sweat (even after I realized it was wrong I kept pronouncing it that way 'cause I think it sound prettier)

      no one ever wrote my doll's name wrong. my dolls all had very common names (Aiden, Seth, Layla, etc). I don't think it would really annoy me. unless I corrected the person and they continued. then I'd be like: you're doing it on purpose or what? -______-;;
    13. Maybe I just fail and typing out sounds. LOL It's not just the emphasis but also the sound of the syllable. It's not the long "Ahhh" sound. When actually spoken, it sounds very different to me, and drives me crazy. But I think I totally fail and writing out the differences. Oops...

      Also, would like to note, having a name pronounced wrong once or twice, or spelled wrong initially is fine. I don't expect everyone to know my dolls' full names or anything. I'm talking about people that are around my dolls a lot or I role play with them frequently and they STILL say/spell it wrong. That's when it starts bothering me. A typo by someone I don't know isn't going to bother me. :)
    14. ^^^ Exactly! I don't mind and it does not bother me at all when it's someone who's never been told, or rarely interacts with my dolls. But when it's someone I RP with on a regular basis, and (IC) my girl is having to correct them multiple times a day... or (OOC) I have to keep re-telling them how it's said... THEN it bugs me.
    15. My boy Hadrian is mostly pronounced wrong when spoke because it sounds like Adrian. If I happens once or twice, I have no problem, but when people say it wrong on purpose (I had a doll named Corin, and my sister called him corn to make me angry and pick on the fact I had a doll) that's not right.
    16. One of my dolls GOT her name because of a mispronunciation!

      I had originally planned to name my LS Emily "Vexen," like the Kingdom Hearts character, but she wasn't a character doll. One of my co-workers accidentally called her "Vesper" - I liked the sound of it and the name stuck.
    17. Well, I have dolls that have names that can be spelt in a variety of ways: Lief is actually a deliberate misspelling of the Celtic name Leif, and while my fingers automatically type Lief (even when trying to write the word life sometimes) other people might not notice that the i and e have been swapped around. Lief also pronounces his name 'leaf', but the true pronunciation of the Celtic name is 'lay-eef' and I have a friend who insist that his name should be said that way because it's more 'proper.' (I'm fairly easy going, so I just shrug and say 'whatever'.)

      Sumner-Dawn always gets Summer-Dawn, but once again, just reading Sumner, one can assume that it is Summer, especially with her name as a whole. Not fussed if people mess this one up, and usually they don't anyway.

      I won't list all of the dolls, but you get the idea. The only pronunciation issue is with Altair, but then I find that the people who have played Assassin's Creed will get it right, and everyone else gets it right after I correct the pronunciation and tell them that it's a middle-eastern name. (For the record, it's al-tay-eer)

      I'm not really fussed about names. My own name is Catherine (or, as I tell people, Catherine with a 'C' and an 'e-r-i-n-e'). No one can spell my middle name when I tell them what it is. Also, I tend to go by 'Cat', and most people spell that with a 'K'. So I tend to say 'Cat, like the animal' when people need to spell it. -shrugs- when you have an odd name, or a name with many different possible spellings, it teaches you to adjust and I think it becomes less of a concern.

      I know that if people can't get my name right, they're probably not going to get my dolly's name right first time, either. It doesn't bug me.
    18. Some people misspell/mispronounce the stupidest names. Of course, when people start messing with the spellings of names, it can only be expected.

      for example:
      Casper &#8594; Caspir &#8594; Caspyr &#8594; Kaspyr &#8594; Qaspyr &#8594; Qhaspyr

      "Hello m'am, my name is Qhaspyr... Qhaspyr with a 'Q'."

      Anyways, it doesn't really bother me if people mess up my dolls names though. So long as people don't think "Jasper" is "Qhaspyr" or whatever, I am good.
    19. I've never had a situation where I find someone misspells my dolls names. Emma's name is hard to screw up, but Stephen is pronounced like "Steven" - just with a 'ph' instead of 'v'. I think a lot of people might mistake it, and give the 'ph' an 'f' sound.
    20. This has never happened to me... I don't have people spelling my doll's name often (when my friends reffer to Markus they call him, "the lady" jokingly). But I've been spelling his name "wrong" if you could say that... I've decided to go with a more Swedish flavour spelling than traditional suddenly. :P