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People who own a soul doll Vito and iplehouse jid please help!!

Jun 17, 2017

    1. I'm not really too sure If this thread fits in this category since soul doll Vito's are more so in the "small SD" aka large doll side but this is mainly for my "mini" jid doll.

      Please transfer this thread if it is in the wrong area, thank you!

      Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little problem I have.

      I have a IH Jid muscular sculpt and as some may know, it's very hard to find clothing for them. I recently came across Souldoll Azrael and I fell in love with his modern version full set clothing. It is just the perfect style I am looking for for my doll.:love:love

      After doing some research, I found out that souldoll Vito body's are very similar in size comparison to iplehouse jid muscular bodies. Only a few minor differences such as souldoll Vito hips being a bit small and legs being too long, and such. (I only care about shirts/tops)

      I don't own a soul doll Vito sculpt so I'm wondering if anyone here who owns clothing from them and have a jid bjd or know anyone who does, and if it isn't too much to ask, can you possibly try them on an iplehouse jid muscular sculpt?

      Bonus points if it's Azrael's modern version full set clothing. :3

      I want to make sure that Soul Doll vito clothing will fit on my IH Jid boy before I purchase Azrael's modern full set outfit for him x.x

      Please show pics if possible! I want to know how close they are in size!! Thank youヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
    2. I can't show any current pics but I did indeed used to have a JID boy on the muscular body who wore Vito clothes - sleeves and pant legs obviously were too long but you could easily disguise that! Otherwise it fit really really well.
    3. The pants also fit them?? I thought they'd be a bit small in the hips area since jid hips/thighs are on the wide side
    4. I have a Vito and JID, but no clothes from either of them. I make their clothes myself and can say the tops may fit but the sleeves would be longer. As for the pants... well, the Vito is taller than JID and that would be a problem. I also know the Vito head can switch with JID head no problem because their head sizes are similar.
      It's something that you could really try.
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    5. iirc there were no issues with the pants fitting at all! I also managed to find the pic of my old guy in his Vito pats! (2013 says hi :lol:)

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    6. Oh wow thanks so much I didn't know that!! And yea I figured they'd be longer but that's no issue with me :3 and that's good to know that I can switch their heads :D thanks again for the information!!

      Oh wow that's awesome! Thanks so much for the pic! It's good to know since the pants my jid has right now are so not is style and it makes me cringe xD Azrael's full set clothing is honestly exactly what I have in mind for my boy :3 thanks again for letting me know that Vito clothing with fit IH jid ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
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    7. Glad my random experiments were of help for once ;) And I feel your pain in clothing the JID guys!