Perfect in every way but one...

Oct 12, 2016

    1. Yeah, the extra joints are only in wrists, neck and ankles. You can of course just unattach the hands, get the string through the extra joint and slip it off, then slip the hand on again, and the same with the neck and ankles. I'd advise putting a string of ribbon through the elastic or something so you have something to hold on to when you do it.
    2. When I first laid eyes on DZ Benjamin, I really loved his odd, sad little face - especially his unique nose. I liked him so much so that I gave in and snatched him up while dz was having their summer event >w>
      His jutting lower jaw -really- bugs me. I didn't think much of it before my friend - who is also into bjds - pointed out how much it annoyed her. Now the more I look at his photos the more I notice it lol hopefully when he arrives I won't feel so hostile towards that one minor detail... other than that, I really adore his sculpt <3
    3. I have a Doll In Mind Honey Alana, now discontinued, who I adore, except for her hands. They are flat and stiff, and not realistic at all. I I may order her some different ones at some point, but I can live with them for now.

      And I have one of the Dollmore Banji 14 cm dolls, who is pretty and travel sized, but completely out of scale with my other dolls. I tried to find her a different head so she'd work better with the others, but it was out of proportion with the rest of her. I'm going to have to let her go, since I just can't get her "right" for me.
    4. for me, its the Souldoll Onulharu... i love the face sculpt so much, and the body would be fine...except i hate how the neck looks and how BIG the feet are! since hes perfect for my crew, im going to have to find a good body to make a hybrid, because i just know i will never come to like that Souldoll body.... sigh!
    5. I reaaally like DollZone's Tabitha sculpt, but... her head just looks way too small for her body. It's just a little off, but it bothers me so much because she's so cute aside from that. I like her face but the head to body ratio is so out of proportion!
    6. Luts delf line boy! I don't remember the name of the exact sculpt but I loved his company website pics so I searched for owner pics before deciding to buy and his nose from another angle was so long and pointy. I wouldn't have thought it was the same sculpt. That really disappointed me as from the front he's beautiful.
    7. I'm like that with luts. I love the dolls faces but I hate their bodies. XP
    8. @Twinklepistol Oh? I guess I focus so much on the faces that I missed their bodies. They have strange joints? Or out of proportion?
    9. @AkuTnshi I've seen some Luts nude and I just didn't click with them. I think I'm just weird when it comes to doll bodies. When I see the faces of luts dolls I fall in love with them. They look cute and realistic to me. But when I see the bodies, they look kind of Barbish? Its hard for me to explain why. It's probably just me that feels that way.
    10. @Twinklepistol I just looked them up on the website, I think I see what you mean. I'm no expert, also being new to the hobby, but those ring joints at the wrists and ankles are a bit strange looking to me. The girl bodies seem prettier but also have these attachments. And they're a bit less realistic than the other bodies I've seen. Usually I love almost every sculpt I see but yes, this body not so much..
    11. Dreaming doll Airin had me all over the place. I truly loved her but I hate her chin. I even considered getting her to mod her, but I really like her default faceup. It would have been too much to get her just like I wanted, and that made me un fall for her in the end.
    12. That just happened to me as well, also with a Gem of Doll sculpt actually!
      I'm so in love with the expression, body and over all aesthetic of their Hower 2 doll, it's just his narrow nose that really puts me off. I'm seriously considering buying him, I just need a little more time to consider if it's something I can look past or not, cause he really is a gorgeous boy.
    13. Very often it's the noses that are a deal-breaker for me, and it's kind of strange, because I've never been bothered by anime-style noses in 2D, but in 3D I find I really don't like them at all. I've also passed on dolls for open mouths/visible teeth before, and I've sold dolls just for being too stylized (or small) to fit in with the other dolls they're meant to be grouped with.
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    14. I try not to worry about these things since I have a low budget so few choices in dolls. But I try to find many owner pictures to help.

      I wish I could find more owner pictures of Doll Family A's Julian.

      @Sianserais I feel you on the anime noses. Early 3D animation with anime style is hard to stomach for me because of it.
    15. Personally, no. I thought I COULD be one of those people that buy something they're not sure on but grow to love them regardless. Didn't happen. I just couldn't, no matter how hard I tried to bond with it. It wasn't easy to admit, nor was it enjoyable having to find a rehome situation.
    16. Volks girls msd/sdm FLAT chest!
      I like many of they head but yeah... it's hard for me to tell that they are boy or girl (or genderless type) when they are not naked orz.

      Okay I understand that they were designed to be 10-14 years old children but still this bug me a lot.
    17. I had faced similar difficulties in the past.
      Iplehouse is my favorite 2 years ago. The mobility of SID man body is definitely a disaster. Elbow and ankle are freezed. It can only be a large sculpture for display.

      I owned one after struggling for few months. I had a good time with him. Iplehouse made good outfits with fantasy themes, and makes me forget their bad side.

      You may said doing hybrid can solve this problem. This is not easy for so special skin tone. I loves thier variety of skin tone. Grey, Tan, Peach, my chatgroup own different color and they all look great.

      I awake after iplehouse reduction and designers resignation. Mobility of bodies, chances for hybrid, and good looking are my main concerns for purchase a new doll.
    18. I always liked the Soom Dia sculpt, but was never able to get past one facial feature so I never got one. I also was tempted by the pointy-eared Sard version, but again, the sculpt had the same exact facial feature that kept me from ever actually wanting to buy him. I kind of regret it at times, but then again I don't do much with the BJD I already own (and were easy to mod to my personal preferences) so it was probably for the best.
    19. This actually happened to me with my Island Doll Wind body... but unfortunately I didn't realize what was wrong with it until it arrived. The promo pictures don't show this, but it has these long, unwieldy knee and elbow peanuts that are borderline impossible to pose. The body is adorable and unique aesthetically, pleasingly heavy, and matches the head I had planned for it wonderfully... but the posing is so bad that I don't know if I would have bought it if I'd known.

      As for heads, Gem Of Doll is actually also on my shit list because so many of their sculpts are super cute but sort of... jowly? I think I'm ok with the babyishness of their sculpts for the most part, but the chin and cheeks is just too much.

      Also, Doll Chateau Jason! I love the smarmy expression and big nose, but... the ears just don't make any sense to me conceptually. I'm not really a fantasy-style doll collector mostly, so those ears have just put me off of him...
    20. @0bsequi0us omg you just hit on the exact reason why Gem of Doll always leaves me cold, much as I love their bodies and aesthetics. I hadn't thought of it that way before but you're right, they're so jowly!

      Open mouths are one of my biggest turnoffs and it seems they're becoming more popular these days, so it's frustrating to see a doll whose face I otherwise like but their mouth is just hanging wide open.... Among the dolls I own, my DF-H Anye kind of has an open mouth; I got him because I liked his fangs, but didn't realize from the (slightly deceptive -_-) company pictures that his other teeth are visible too.... It bothers me but not enough to cool down my love for him. I just try to photograph him from angles where it's not as obvious or cover it up with high collars/scarves.

      My Mystic Kids QingChen's head is perfect (his body is a complete other story), but I'm kinda bugged at how huge it is. Makes finding wigs hard and he can look disproportionate next to smaller-headed SDs (like my Ringdolls). It also places an annoying limitation on shelling the other characters in his story, since I have to make sure their heads won't be too small in proportion to him. =/ Conversely, my Ringdolls' tiny noggins also present wig-finding and proportion problems. Guess I'm like Goldilocks when it comes to heads, haha. Something nice and in between.

      I'm also slightly bothered by my Angell-Studio Ty's hands. They're beautiful and well-sculpted, don't get me wrong, but kind of too slender and delicate for the roughened soldier he's supposed to be. To say nothing of those lovely long nails. >_> But I don't feel like going through the effort to replace them, so I guess it's not a dealbreaker.