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Period Clothing? Wigs? Going out on a limb here...

Sep 26, 2008

    1. Mods, please move if this question is in the wrong area but I wasn't sure where else to ask this.

      Does anyone know where I can get good period clothing, preferably the Moroccan, French Revolution, Colonial period???? For SD13 boy dolls. Thanks!

    2. I haven't seen any recently that were completely "period accurate"... but if you don't mind a bit of fantasy creeping into your costumes, check out Iple House and 4D.
    3. I was wondering the same thing! I'm really into historical costuming (I'm a costume design major... Haha.) And I really want to start getting some period pieces for my doll! <3
    4. The best way to get historicaly acurate in my oppinion is to commision it. I am working on period clothing in the sewing subform I have a 1705 coat so there are people who can do historical costumes it's just finding them and providint them with pictures
    5. Patterns, if you need patterns--I know there is a nice human-sized Moroccan Burnoose pattern from Folkwear--it's a simple rectangular construction so if you are a sewer it's not too hard to scale down to doll size with some practice fabric. I seem to remember having some D'oh minutes with the hood, but the rest was easy. just Google Folkwear and you should be able to find a supplier. I love the Folkwear patterns because they were drafted off actual garments, and the simple ones tend to be historically accurate. I even think they have a nice shirt that would be appropriate for 1700 clothing and some knee breeches as well. (All big people sized, of course). Smoke and Fire has a bunch of Colonial Costume patterns as well (they cater to Revolutionary War re-enactors). I think it's smokeandfire.com but again you should Google it because that is off the top of my head;)
    6. Most of the period clothing I've seen has been from independant seemstresses and small ateliers.

      Make sure you check out Arcadia Dolls! They've made some mind-blowing cool stuff. :fangirl:
    7. Thanks everyone!
    8. I think cheerydoll has some historical costumes, but they are sold out very quickly...
    9. ... And it's even harder to find stuff for the boys than the girls... *sigh*

      I'm sure there's a market for historical stuff, but it's still SO hard to find. Even to commission, it's hard to find someone who really knows their way around historical clothing. :(

      I think I've only managed to find one vaguely 18th style outfit for my boy (the black with wine trimmed outfit from Luts... similar style offered in other colors from a few other vendors--but I'm not sure if it's currently available, it's sold out at Luts). There are slightly more 18thC styles for girls, but not easily available. There were the Marie Antoinette inspired outfits (not accurate, but still fun) collection made by DollHeart for HauteDoll, designed by Val Zeitner, but it was limited. Some pieces come up for sale now and then. But they were all for girls. Arcadia Dolls made a few outfits for boys (also had a bit of a fantasy element, but they were also close to the historical), but were also limited or actually one-of-a-kind...

      If anyone has some good leads for historical clothes--I'd LOVE to hear about it, too.
    10. EDIT found the shoe link in case anyone else is interested! http://www.courtandcastledolls.com/index.html

      After much debate, I have found a seamstress to make the outfit I'd like. No details yet, as the commission plan hasn't been finalized, but now my problem will be where to find a matching wig! Anyone know where I can get the white wigs with curls in them for the gents? 1/3 sized? I know where to get the period shoes at. Or at least I thought I knew, I just went to find the link in my bookmarks and it's not there! :(
      Anyone recall the member who had the period shoes????
    11. I was wondering where you can find 18th century white, powdered wigs with curls for SD 13 boys. Thanks in advance.
    12. The only 18th century style boy wigs I've seen have been made by owners for their own dolls. I haven't seen any pre-styled for sale.

      Check out this shoot from the Arcadia site. It looks like they styled a white mohair wig, it doesn't look like it's too difficult to achieve.
    13. Yes, I've been looking for period wigs for my SD13 boy for about 2 months to no avail. So I just did it the lazy way and tied his hair back with a piece of lace... it doesn't look too bad, albiet unauthentic. o.O

      Milkycat, would you mind giving away which seamstress you're commissioning? The few I've looked at have either sold out and/or been attached to killer prices. Kudos.
    14. Sure. I've chosen Silje for my seamstress.
    15. Court & Castle has posted their new line of wigs! Follow the link in Milkycat's post above. Here's a [thread=249315]link to the News thread.[/thread]
    16. Oh my, their new wigs are just wonderful! Thanks! :)
    17. Thanks for all the links. I've been looking for some older styles of clothing too. I can't wait till I have enough posts for Marketplace access so I can start looking at people offering commissions for custom clothes.
    18. My goodness, that Arcadia site makes me drool. Almost makes me want a girl doll just so I could have one of those gorgeous Regency dresses!

      I too am on the hunt for Arabian Nights-style costumes. ^^
    19. I was finally able to purchase a 18th century wig for my SD boy from Court & Castle! Yay! :)
    20. period costumes and patterns for you. There are many books you can find in the library with patterns and illustrations of period costumes. Have you searched Amazon.com? You can find obsolete books there with what you are looking for.:)