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Peroth head by Esthy Discussion!

Jun 14, 2007

    1. I didn't see one already made, so I made one to discuss this gorgeous artist's head! @__@ He takes my breath away, and is perfect for a character I've been wanting~

      So, what does everyone else think of him? Are you planning to try to get one of the 18 being released on the 27th?

      So far we don't know if there will be an international order or not, but I'm hoping so!



      Esthy's site! ^0^

    2. I saw him, and I'm in love - now it's just a matter of whether or not I feel up to the challenge of finding a Korean buyer to buy a super limited head that every seems to want already. And that's not including the Koreans that may have had their sites set on him for a long time now. >_<

      If there were to be an international order, how many heads of the 18 do you think would be open for overseas buyers? I can't imagine it would be many...
    3. I'm not sure. D: I wonder if she does do International if it'll be just a 'whoever gets him first' kind of thing, instead of a certain number set aside.

      Does anyone know any good Korean buyer services if she doesn't do an international order?

      It's surprising how many people who's hearts have been captured by this boy!
    4. Ditto to what chappy-chan has said. It was instant love with him.....but I am trying to not get my hopes up since he looks very very hard to get........ :(
    5. blurgh. the fact that his release date is so close and we only got the news today isn't helping much either. hopefully it'll be like limhwa where there's an ordering period every now and then
    6. Yeah I hope so T_T
      I hope she will release him in batches T_T
      I don't want it to be like a race T_T
    7. I&#180;d like to get one for me too.
      I do agree georgia (is this sentence correctly? my english is a shit XDD) I hope she will release him in batches, and she realease loooots of heads, so anyone could get one XDDD

      it&#180;s amazing how many of us want him ne? he&#180;s fantastic.
      What a great job!!!
    8. I second everything here! ....Omigawsh I've never wanted a head so bad D= theres just something about him.....hopefully he doesnt become a limited and thrown off into the abyss....theres no way I could buy it now...an all the preparation an even so we aren't sure about international order T_T. Just seems like another dollie I can't get :P

      But pray pray pray ....please don't be limited an then maybe I will have a chance I could get some korean shopping servie hola!...but ah well.
    9. okay, i'm doomed. selling period is july 1st to 8thand after that no more international orders. strictly auctions on yahoo japan, land of crazy bidders D:
    10. Excellent that she is doing international sales! I don't care how but I will get this head! :D Should be able to swing it with no prob though.
    11. I'm definitely going to go for one... I had been wanting a Tsukasa head, but this one is actually far better for my plans. :)
    12. Now the hard decision of what skintone.....white or natural XD. Prob go for white....just cause I prob have to get a volks boy body for another head so they could share until he gets his own body...... which will be a long, long time XD.
    13. I saw the news page and he is so gorgious, his moody eyes have a ton of personality potential. Sadly i'm going to have to miss out on this one.

      At any rate, you might want to add a link going to the original news page just for the sake of quick access. If someone wants this guy and can get him, then from the sounds of it there's no time to waste *_*.
    14. wow, I've already commented inteh news page....

      Would anyone be willing to do a group-order to save on the EMS Shipping for this head?

      It would have to be a North-American Group order... >_>;;
    15. I wouldn't be apposed to running it, if people were interested. ^^ Would it just be 1 person ordering a whole bunch and splitting it up among the people in the order? It may or may not save money if the package just keeps getting bigger and heavier, though. However, it would probably be easier on Esthy to just send 10-15 to the same address, rather than to 10-15 different addresses. xD
    16. Yeah, sorta like a "Sells Rep" on this side of the ocean. ^_^ That would be a good Idea,
    17. I'll PM some people and see if that can be arranged, then! Check if it would be better for Esthy. ^_^
    18. I'm definitely getting this head, so if a US group order goes in, let me know. :)
    19. Yeah see if Esty would be up for sending a bunch to one address. If we explain it's all for a group order and all, be cool if that could be done. I'm up for it if so! :)