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<Person 15> release in Picture doll - Secretdoll

Aug 8, 2011

    1. *Secretdoll announcement *

      New One of the Person serise of Picture doll, <Person 15> have been born finally.


      * We sended e-mail already specially to just the exsisting familly having Person serise.

      You can purchase <Person 15> for 1 peice with 10% discount price during 1 month.

      Check absolutely please.

      * We are going to give richer benifit continually to a familly of Person serise puchasing them on the Secretdoll web-site.

      Person 04, 08, 21 - The Existing Person serise of Picture doll.

      Thank you ~~

    2. how do you apply the discount? Is there a code to use?