Pet-proofing my dolls

Feb 15, 2021

    1. It’s more specifically my dolls’ wigs. My cats try to steal my doll wigs — usually the shorter ones. I don’t know why, as they’re on the dolls. One time, one of the wigs went MIA for a few months until magically randomly appearing!

      It’s come to the point where I need to hide certain wigs, and now I have a lot of sad, bald dolls on my shelf.

      My other idea was to invest in some white/clear hair nets, and just sort of wrap them around the heads/wigs. But then I’m just stuck with a bunch of weirdly wrapped dolls staring at me.

      Anyone have suggestions?
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    2. Honestly? A cabinet with glass doors is a good investment. I have a fluffy friend who once bit one of my dolls’ hands and I was not risking her swallowing resin when I wasn’t looking so we went to IKEA. Now the dolls are safe from her and she is safe from them.
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    3. My dog loves snatchin’ wigs, he (and your cats) likely think that they are small animals, in their minds they are doing you a service by disposing of those lousy varments!

      I agree with,@Amet a glass display case might be your best bet and IKEA has some lovely ones!
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    4. My cat likes chewing on wigs. (The doll in my profile pic now has bangs because of this stupid cat.) I don't have enough space for a cabinet, and a glass cabinet would be way too dangerous in my earthquake-prone area, so my dolls wear hats, hoods, hoodies, basically anything that will cover enough of the wig that the cat leaves it alone.
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    5. I second the glass display case idea. I have one, and I love how clean and safe it keeps my dolls. It keeps my dolls safe not only from my curious kitty, but also from dust and other contaminants in the air that can damage resin over time (like the evaporated oils from a scented candle or oil diffuser).
    6. My dog has only bothered a wig once and I taught her pretty quickly that the dolls are not toys for her. But realistically, even the best trained animal can still mess up, so I find it best to remove the temptation as much as possible. A glass display case would be really nice, or if you can, keep the dolls in a room the pets won’t be in. My dolls stay in our spare bedroom with the door closed unless I’m in there. This keeps both the dog and dolls safe when I’m not watching.

      You could also get a really high up shelf away from anything else so pets can’t reach it, that might be cheaper, easier and take less space than a cabinet.
    7. I have a dog and utilize baby gates to keep her out of rooms where she shouldn’t go, including where I keep my dolls. There are a lot of walk-through options available and you can find ones that don’t require screws or anything to install.
    8. [​IMG]

      A glass case that can lock shut is really the only way to truly keep your dolls and pets separate. Sure, you can use baby gates... until your critter figures out how to open or jump over it. You can close doors... until one doesn't latch one day and your furbaby decides to investigate that room. You can try high shelves... until they jump up there or bump into it and knock the doll loose. Mine stay fully enclosed and locked up; no amount of cats crashing into the cabinets will knock a doll out, and they have no way to get to their wigs.
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    9. My cat also likes to chew on doll hands, so this is advice I will definitely heed before finally getting a resin doll. :love
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    10. OMG, this thread is gonna save my life. I just found my cat chewing on one of my tiny doll wigs and I nearly had a heart attack. I don't know if I have room for glass cabinets in my room though. Is there something smaller?
    11. I don't care about displaying my resin dolls. Most are super heavy, and I would really hate it for one of them to fall on top of any of my cats, just to keep them displayed. I rather put them in the closet, and always have since the day I purchased my first. My cats safety has always come first. Although, they don't seem interested in my resin dolls, I rather avoid all possible accidents and it also keeps the resin from being exposed to any type of light. Probably not a great idea for most people who want to display their dolls, but it's worked for me for past sixteen/seventeen years. I don't have the room for many glass cabinets, I do have a few Ikea detolf for my 1:6 figures, but not enough room for more and I rather display toys that won't turn neon yellow. (:
    12. I think and this is the same with most reply is to buy a glass cabinet in that way you can protect your babies from your other babies (furbabies)
    13. I've been lucky with my cats - I had one who would take refuge with the dolls when she was in trouble and rub her head against their hands as if they were stroking her, and another who hid under their skirts as a kitten, but that's about the extent of the interest any of them have shown in the dolls (plus a current cat likes to curl up among my rag dolls).

      I too would advise a glass fronted case - it also helps the dust off the dolls:

      I have a bunch of mine in the glass fronted case (IKEA, in this instance), the rest on open shelves and I notice that the ones in the case tend to stay tidier. I suppose I hade to take more are when putting them back so the doors will close, whereas the ones on the open shelves can just be plonked down when I finish playing.

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