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Petdolls - cat and dog!

Jun 30, 2006

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...t=72602&page=2

      Oh my goodness, it's a PUG!!!!!!! How do I order this?

      EDIT: Oh man, it's so cute. I don't care if it poses terribly, I NEED a Pug BJD! I love how it's to scale to regular BJDs too! Omg.
    2. oh I would like a kitty..can anyone read it and tell use how much and so on, i would love to have one...
    3. I see no pictures, did they get pulled. I really wznt a BJD kitty for the kitty family.
    4. I'm an idiot and can't see a price anywhere...can anyone tell me how much they are?
    5. I'd be interested too. I checked the home page, but they don't seem to mention any price even though they have a section for ordering the pets.
    6. At this point, I think we broke the bandwidth....
    7. If no one has pictures, what did the kitty look like? I so hope the klitty was black. I want a black kitty.
    8. Where are you getting all this information? I still can't see the page.

      Can you contact the Seller and ask for some pictures? I am really interested, But I want to see what they look like first.
    9. I remembered their price. that's all.
      I can contact the maker only once the site is back up.
      just wait a little. i'll post the secs for everyone soon when the site works again.
    10. Interesting...
      too bad I can't see what they look like but I'm very interested in them... I'm more into the unfinished kits though =D

    11. Can't see any pics! I'll check back... Please post pics if you have them!
    12. I'm interested in seeing the pics too. :)
    13. I can't see anything either, just a bunch of ????????
    14. They sound absolutely adorable, I hope the pictures are back up soon...
    15. i wish i could see it D:
    16. they sound adorable!

      I'd love to have a bjanimal for my jointed family.
    17. There are pictures up in the News Section. They are bizarre, yet appealing. They look a little primative. On the dog the resin looks very pitted.
    18. Very interesting but not enough cuteness for me to buy one. Love the lower leg jointes.
    19. Thank you for posting!

      This could solve my cat search.

      I just wish the nose was sculpted better.